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2003 NBA Free Agents

Liste Of Free Agents 2004 

Now that the 2002-03 NBA season has come to a close, the off-season run begins for the top free agents, here’s a look at the big names, and the not so big names.

2003 NBA Free Agents

Unrestricted Free Agents (Have the right to sign anywhere they’d like)

Juwan Howard DEN – Rumored to be heading to the Lakers, but would have to take a big pay cut in LA.
Reggie Miller IND – Lost his shooting touch this season, Pacers though need him for his leadership.
Brad Miller IND – All-Star this season will probably cash in else where, Pacers already got one Miller to pay and need a large amount of green for O’Neal.
Jermaine O’Neal IND – One the best players available, every team in the East could use his size and scoring, Pacers and Spurs seem to be early suitors.
Michael Olowokandi LAC – Had a horrible year, Clipps will let him go (and maybe everyone else too). Spurs, Knicks, and T’Wolves all have interest.
Alonzo Mourning MIA – Didn’t play this season and is still trying to recover from kidney problems. Doctors have cleared him to play, so expect some team to take a chance on him, possibly the Lakers or Mavs.
Gary Payton MIL – Most sought after point guard this off-season, Milwaukee with a slim chance to re-sign, lots of teams in the East need a PG but Payton prefers the West, look for “The Glove” in Portland, LA, or possibly Minnesota if he takes a lower salary.
Kenny Anderson NO – A serviceable PG who prefers to start, and in the point guard needy East someone will sign him to start.
Radoslav Nesterovic MIN – A 7-footer who has gotten a little bit better every season, the Knicks tried to get him last off-season expect another run at him, the Wolves though will probably be able to retain his services.
Derrick Coleman PHI – Had a great year in Philly and has gained notice around the league.The 76ers will try and re-sign him but no team will be giving “DC” anything long term.
Scottie Pippen POR – Another guy rumored to be going to the Lakers, in my estimation maybe the best shot of playing  third wheel to Shaq & Kobe.
Elden Campbell SEA – Big guy with some scoring ability will probably land as a veteran back-up on a contending team.
Karl Malone UTH – He wants a ring and seems to think Texas is the place for it, both the Spurs and Mavs are looking for the “Mailman” to deliver.

Restricted Free Agents (Can sign with other teams but their current team holds the right to match that offer and keep the player)

Jason Terry ATL – Terry can score but he’s small for a shooting guard, and shoots to much for a point guard, Terry will have limited interest in him.
Richard Hamilton DET – Pistons will not let RIP go, they traded Stackhouse to get him and he’s there only reliable scorer.
Gilbert Arenas GSW – One of the hottest free agents is Arenas after his monster year with the Warriors, Golden State will try their best to keep him around but don’t have the cap room that some other teams interested in Arenas have.
Elton Brand LAC – Great player on horrible teams. Brand will get his shot now  to go to a contender unless the Clippers decide to dump everyone and build around Brand.
Andre Miller LAC – Stunk it up in LA, the Clippers will let him walk and his old college stomping ground (Utah) seems a logical spot with Stockton retired.
Lamar Odom LAC – Has had off-court problems so comes with allot of questions, but has a lot of talent that with the right team and right coaching could become a superstar, which won’t happen in LA.

Free Agents with Team or Player Options (either the team or the player has the right to extend the contract)

Jason Kidd NJ (Player Option)- Kidd will pass on his option and test free agents waters, there’s a chance a new deal will be signed with New Jersey however unlikely, look for Kidd to move back to the West.
Vlade Divac SAC (Player Option)- Vlade’s getting older but he’s still one of the smartest skilled big man playing, he will not be leaving Sacramento.
Tim Duncan SAN (Player Option)- More then likely the Spurs will get Duncan a new multi-year contract making the option a mute point, but the 2-time MVP is going nowhere.
Jerry Stackhouse WASH (Player Option)- He wants a new contract, but the Wizards won’t give it to him in the price range he’s seeking. He’ll be in Washington for at least one more season, beyond that is a big question mark.