Friday , May , 11 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

Waliyy Dixon AKA Main Event

Waliyy Dixon AKA Main EventCurrent member of the Ball4Real Tour

Name: Waliyy Dixon

Home Town: Linden, NJ

Current Residence: Linden, NJ

Position: Guard

Favorite Court: 4th Ward Park in Linden, NJ

Height: 6′ 4"

Weight: 225

High School: Linden, NJ

College: Rutgers University, NJ

Other Experience: USBL. Was in camp with the New Jersey Nets before the 2004-2005 NBA seasons. Joined the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour in 2001 and starred in the ESPN TV Series Streetball from 2002 thru 2006.

Earned Street Name: Back at Rucker Park in the early ‘90s “Main” did a 360 degree dunk that stunned the crowd and earned him the name the “Main Event” as he attracted a huge following to Rucker games.

What do you love about streetball: “It is high energy from tip off to the final buzzer. It is different from any organized league, starting with the style of play, if you see 10 Ball4Real games none will be the same…NBA, NCAA, etc. you can almost predict the next move. Streetball – Ball4Real – allows fans to be close up on the action and to the players – to get their favorite players autograph is attainable we interact with our fans one on one wherever we can. Through streetball I have seen families mend together, communities come closer together…its more than a sport…the main reason I love streetball is because we are streetball…Ball4Real.

Any Pre game rituals: “I pray before every tip off with the Team – that is a must – then I take a 2 hand lay-up – did ya ever notice that?”

How it all started: Back in the summer of 1999, before the AND 1 Mix Tape Tour ever existed, Main met some people from AND 1. After discussing the streetball scene he helped bring other streetballers to the AND 1 family including "Shane the Dribbling Machine" and "Half Man Half Amazing" and worked with AND 1 to throw the original AND 1 Mix Tape game later that summer at his home court in Linden, NJ. Over a thousand people came out to watch what turned into footage for Mix Tape Vol. 2. "Main" and the guys were signed to endorsement deals that fall and the rest is history.