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Nike Air Jordan – A Shoe Story

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I decided to make an article on the Jordan 1st and 5th edition, which are to us the Icon of Nike basketball shoes to MJ23 aka Michael Jordan.

Speaking of the Nike air Jordan, 1st Edition…I think that for all the real fan and Basketball « Aficionados », nothing has to be said besides the fact that those shoes as of today, are still sold for lots of dollars and are still good looking on the ball courts!

Nike Air Jordan - A Shoe Story

Here is a little retrospective of the AJ 1st edition:

1) The 1st edition Air Jordan was mainly produced is 1985. Like most Nike shoes, the year of manufacturing can be determined by looking at the first two numbers of the six-digit serial number. On the 1st edition, this is located on the inside of the ankle, right next to the size.
Occasionally, you will find first editions made in 1984 and in 1986. The 1st edition Air Jordan was retailed in 17 major colours. This shoe is also made in a low top version. The women’s and youth version were called the Sky Jordan. The canvas version is called the AJKO (pic). There were a handful of custom-made shoes with custom colours that were not retailed. Occasionally, you will find first editions made in 1984

2) The 1st Edition of the Air Jordan were re-issued by Nike in 1994. They were remade along with the 2nd and 3rd Edition. The remakes will have a tag with the serial number. The serial number will begin with 94. The remakes were made when Michael Jordan made his return to basketball from baseball.

3) The most famous colours and limited edition colours issued by Nike for the 1st AJ Edition are :

A – Out of all the colours of the First Edition, the Red/White/Black is the most common. The logo should say Air Jordan. Check that it does not say AJKO or Sky Jordan (pic) – Attention : The Black Toe is a rare and popular colour of the 1st Edition. It is different from the Red / White / Black (above) in the toe area.(pic)

B – Black and grey is a less common colour but still very nice (pic)

C – The Black and Gold 1st Editions were custom made shoes made for just a handle full of people. They are very rare and very valuable. They came without a box and the serial number on the inside should indicate that it is a custom built shoe.(pic)

D – The Purple Metallic colour is a rare colour of the 1st Edition Air Jordan (pic)

E- The Jordan low The replicas of the 1st edition were re-issued in 1994. The box is different from an original, check pics :

The 5th edition Air Jordan was made in 1989-90. This shoe has the "Fire" around the base of the sole. The white/red shoe may or may not have a number "23" on the side of the shoe. This shoe also features a clear outsole. This shoe came in 4 styles:
 White / Red 
 White / Red with the 23
 White / Teal / Purple

Just as info for the real fan and collectors: A very rare version of this shoe is a black shoe with a white 23 embroidered on the side. This model was only made in a size 13.