Friday , Jul , 18 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Nike, a Dunk story

The most important thing that every Nike shoe collector or basketball player should know about the Dunk, is that it goes all the way back to 1985. The second thing you should know about them is that Michael Jordan wore Dunks before he went and created his own shoe dynasty.

Nike, a Dunk story

The Dunk was used to spearhead what Nike called the ‘College Colours’ program (think about the Michigan Dunk, Maize / Blue, current market value around $ 500.00). They signed all the half-decent college baller’s team (and their coaches) to an exclusive Dunk sponsorship deal. In simple terms, the deal meant that each coloured pair of kicks matched their jerseys.

The Nike Dunk the Nike Terminator’s fraternal twin, every colour for every scholl and in any size :Nike Dunk Hi or Dunk Low…It was In 1986

The following universities were elected by Nike to be part of the Dunk frenzyyyy :
– University of Kentucky
– University of Michigan
– University of Iowa
– University of Georgetown
– University of Syracuse
– University of Maryland

They began releasing Dunks again in 1998. Indeed they were back by popular demand, a Japanese demand! Then Nike spread to the skateboard industry… The dunk had a flat sole that grips well to the skateboard…

As of today Nike hooked up with the coolest skate companies in the world and let them design their own models and style: Stussy (Dunk Hi Stussy purple / black), Zoo York (picture) and Chocolate Skateboards have released their own Dunk editions, with prices going up to $ 400. Keep in mind that most of these models were and are still produced in limited quantity (Heineken SB). The SB sign you notice on the Dunk Low models stands for Skateboard…Just for the anecdote, I heard that Heineken is now pissed of at Nike and they are asking Nike to stop the production of those Heineken Dunks… If the production stops , that will make them in 4 to 6 months extremely rare to find in dead stock condition

And that’s not enough, how about :

• An extremely rare pair of Dunks from the artist Stash. This is part of the Nike Artist series and is one of the most limited Dunks ever produced only 40 pairs released! Each box is signed and numbered with a design on the box lid. Truly a rare pair of shoes…

• Or last year : The recently opened Undefeated boutique, opened by Eddie Cruz of Stussy and Union fame. Cruz was the first to introduce custom Nikes bearing luxury Louis Vuitton and Gucci logo swooshes. These kicks are the result of Nike’s first collaboration with Undefeated in LA.

The shoe features the shops trademark logo on the outsole. Two versions are currently in existence and both are limited to 24 pairs only.

The two colorways are White/White-Grey (Prototypes) and the White/White-Gum. Just look and drool cause these shoes will never be released to the general public… There were only 48 pairs ever made (both colours). 

Nevertheless, why 48 pairs only?

I believe there are 48 inland states in the USA, and the “undefeated” series limited model represent besides the logo of the store , I guess a certain tribute to a certain basketball team that was once undefeated 5 times in a row (hence the drawing on the right side of the shoes, the famous 5 bars).