Thursday , Jul , 17 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Nike Air Force One HTM

The Nike Air Force One « HTM » , Paul Brown colour or Black (HTM AIR FORCE 1 305895-001 / HTM AIR FORCE 1 305895-221)

The HTM is in a manner of speaking empirical project because the NIKE investigates the needs of the market.

What kind of model are those?

First of all , each pair is individually numbered. All of the HTM series are way beyond the regular Nike shoes or Nike Air Force one series.
The quality , couture , finition and the overall look are really symbol of  “design” and “solidity” .

As usual , the HTM limited series , i believe to 1500 pairs mainly in japan, Hong Kong , France and London, is another marketing and collaboration by Nike with famous DJ / designer in Tokyo : Hiroshi Fujirawa

indeed the HTM signature stands for :

1- H “Hiroshi Fujirawa :The most celebrated d.j.-turned-designer in Tokyo is a thirty-seven-year-old named Hiroshi Fujiwara, whose name is spoken with something like reverence by Japanese fashion sorts.

Fujiwara travelled to clubs like Heaven in London or Paradise Garage in New York in the eighties, and then introduced Japanese audiences not just to Western club music but to fashion labels like Stüssy.

These days, he helps Nike out with marketing ideas (he prefers not to call himself a consultant, just a friend, but he is the kind of friend who has flown in the company’s private jet) and writes a column of fashion recommendations for a magazine called Men’s Non-No.

For your info : Fujiwara recently held an Internet auction of his possessions, in which a nylon jacket with a fabric insert on one sleeve, a piece he had both designed and worn, sold for 1.1 million yen, nearly eight and a half thousand dollars.

2- T “Tinker L. Hatfield : Vice President, Design and Special Projects Nike Inc. Beaverton, Oregon

Creativity is a two-step process for Tinker :
– Listen, when you collaborate for the design of a shoe (for instance with Michael Jordan, when designing the Nike Air Jordan I).
– Inspiration, you never know where your ideas come from ( the design of the Nike Air Jordan VI was inspired, in part, by the “Batboot”, Tinker designed Michael Keaton in Batman, and the Jordan VII was a colorful poster for National Public Radio that Tinker saw while wandering around Portland)

Tinker Hatfield’s creations include Air Jordan basketball shoes, Air Max running shoes, and Andre Agassi footwear.

3- M “Mark Parker” : Nike’s brand president and one of a handful of executives who report to chairman Phil Knight.

The Nike Air Force One HTM , is Very specific because:

1. Of their colour: Paul brown swoosh and body or Black swoosh and body
2. Unique HTM box with HTM papers
3. HTM is embroided on the top front of the shoes as well as the insole.
4. European release
5. Very limited

Hard to find on a scale from 1 to 10: 8.5

Nike Air Force One  HTM