Monday , Jul , 21 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Nike Dunk ‘Eric Haze’ Limited Edition

The Nike Dunk Hi and Nike dDunk Low by Eric Haze , special edition Limited Edition 1,000 pairs only:

– 250 Pairs for the Undefeated store in LA
– 250 Pairs for Alife Revington Club in NYC
– ???? for the Haze store in japan

Who is Eric haze ?

Mr. Eric haze is a famous and legendary: NYC grafitti artist and graphic designer . Some of his work includes logos for Public Enemy, EPMD and MTV as well as album covers for the Beastie Boys and Tommy Boy records. 

Also,  very well known in Japan for his comic books grafitti (such as Marvel, from the fantastic Four etc…)

Nike Dunk by Eric Haze

– Production number : 306793 101
– Colour : Whitye / Black Medium grey
– Leather upper with sprayed grafitti detail.
– Limited Edition (3,000 pairs only)

Lately , Eric haze as contributed to : Eric Haze+Digs Special Art Event held on January 26th , the art event which was done with the Harajuku shop DIGS TOKYO : “Eric the Haze + Digs Special Art Event” A show where , grafitti fans and collectors of art were reunited…

The Nike Dunk series by Eric Haze , found it’s birth with again and as usual a Special collaboration project with Nike and Eric Haze.

The Model was finally released around june 30th 2003 first in: Japan and The United Kingdom

As of today few pairs are available to the US sneaker market…

*Attention sneakers collector and maybe you can help me or guide me :

I have noticed different boxes and different tongue design for the haze model (nike eric haze low or hi) and also  different serial number for the production… real production number : 306 793 101 :

we can sometimes read N° : 306 799 011  for the Dunk Low and HI
I beleive they are fake and the shoes doesn’t look like the real ones, (grafitti sprayed not the same and too shiny too me!)
I have spoted quit few of them all from the US. 

I need more info on the fact that : Has nike been releasing a different pair with a Nike swoosh tongue, different from the original Haze with the “Haze” graffiti tongue design ????

This is something very important…are the Nike dunk Haze with the Nike written on the tongue real ones or fake ???

To me all the model with a orange nike box , not the original graffiti haze box, and the nike written on the tongue , instead of the Haze graffiti, ARE SUSPICIOUS!!!!!!!

Now if i ask you where i found the fake serial numbers and weird boxes…you will answer me ???
Auctions 🙁

Keep your eyes open : Because as usual people will take picture online from other sites that sell original , will advertise them on auctions site and will deliver fakes!

Nike Dunk  'Eric Haze' Limited Edition