Saturday , Jul , 19 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

American Idol Katelynn Faber

by Dave Blue

I hate reality TV shows. Don’t watch ’em ever since the second Survivor, and haven’t been impressed with the direction they seem to be going in – “Make an ass of yourself or get emotionally vulnerable on tape, and if the audience and/or judges like you, you can be the next big mega-star!!!!”

So to me one thing that’s been glossed over here – make no mistake, we’re talking about Kobe Bryant here – is that dear sweet “victim” Katelynn was a wanna-be American Idol. You know, the show where the premise is, we take some unknown from nowhere, with no other real options for exposure, give them the chance to display their goods and skills for the audience, and pick one winner who we’ll shower with money and celebrity.”

Now let’s contrast that with where Kobe’s coming from. More money than he can
spend. A future so bright I get retina burn just thinking about it. On top of
all that, he’s won three rings, established himself as the best, if not one of
the best NBA players in the game. Does Kobe need more money, fame, or celebrity?
I can’t see how – in fact he’s always seemed a rather shy, retiring sort, a good
complement to Shaq’s “Everybody’s Big Poppa” personality.

So I’m
thinking, poor Katelynn failed to make the cut on American Idol. Damn. There
went her chance to instant money, celebrity, and fame – thing her own friends
have claimed she was very driven to achieve.

And then Kobe shows up in
her hotel. She sleeps with him as most of the single female population under 40
would be more than happy to do, and could have left it at that – could have been
“I got Kobe, Kobe wants me!” and used that to boost her obviously problematic
self-esteem. She’s also described by her friends as very intelligent.

hmm, does it seem at all possible that screaming “Rape” or mumbling something
about “sexual misconduct” against the best and most loved basketball player in
the game might not seem to be an alternate path to becoming a different sort of
“American Idol”? The sort that sniffles her way through a rape trial against
some superstar athlete, hoping for a nice quiet settlement worth a few million
of shut-the-fuck-up money, and already having made her name (despite the best
efforts of the press) a household name.

Celebrity forever. Probably more
money than the winner of the TV show American Idol will get. I don’t think she’s
mean spirited, wanting to trash Kobe, I just think she’s selfish and

But that’s not justice – that’s the world of celebrity
and champagne bottles, and a way for the Lakers to get their best guy back in
uniform. Even if he settles, people will assume the worst.

What does
Kobe have to gain from any of this? Two hours of pleasure watching videos and
playing hide the salami with a cute blonde from some nowhere town?

what does Katelynn have to gain from it? The chance to be a richer, more popular
sort of “American Idol” than even her ambitious designs previously has promised.

I’m not objective, I’m biased like a motherfucker. But I don’t think you
have to be from LA to draw these same conclusions. Now if Kobe is proven beyond
a shadow of a doubt to be a rapist, then my opinion of him will change – to what
I don’t know. But barring that, this is gold-digging and Idol-jocking until
proven otherwise.

Dave Blue is the Editor in Chief of Media Jam
magazine and an independent writer from Los Angeles. Clik here to see our forum
discussion on Kobe’s case.