Tuesday , Jul , 22 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

The Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer Story…

What are the Nike Blazer ?

I am sure all of you have heard of them if you are by now 35 years old or a Nike sneaker collector…

The Nike Blazer , were born in 1973 and mostly worn and represent by basketball legend George Gervin aka “Iceman”.

The Nike blazer are very easy to identify because of it’s huge nike Swoosh…back in the days , nike shoes designer wanted the swoosh on this Nike model to be really big and that everybody could notice it…just like a diamond on a women’s finger !

I have noticed, i guess that nowadays, there is for mostly all the Nike basketball shoes (just take a look at the Jordan reedition frenzy!!) a re-edition of the Nike Blazer, in leather or suede, with i think a smaller swoosh on the side and the 3 aeration holes on the side reduced to 2 i think…

For those who think that those shoes are no in fashion for the “True ballerz”. Sorry but you are wrong.

I don’t know if any of you live in NYC, but you just take a look when you go out to the famous “Nort” store of Stash and artist Futura…and you let me know:)

Now back to the blazer…
Indeed, the Nike blazer exist in :
– Canvas
– Leather
– Suede

You will see below different model and colours. Of course they were and are retroed today in many different colour way.

The most expensive and valuable and very limited to 1,000 Pairs, are the: ” Nike Blazer Futura “:

– Colour : Black/ Green Curry- Jedi
– Limited edition .Another collaboration between artist/designer Futura and Nike…
– Specific Box  (Beige with card signature on it)
– Retail value depending on the shoe size but up to $ 400.00

I heard that the benefits made on this shoes (from the collaboration between nike and Futura ) will go to the Homeless coalition!

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The Nike Blazer