Wednesday , Jul , 23 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Kobe Bryant hearing date: August 6th 2003

Kobe Bryant hearing will take eplace on august 6th in Eagle Colorado, we do not know if Katelyn Kristine Faber will be there and if media will be allowed inside court. Court TV is fighting to obtain the right to record Kobe Bryant hearing against Katelyn Kristine Faber.

07/30/03 Update:

Judge allows camera in Kobe Bryant hearing

The county court Judge presiding over the Kobe Bryant case will allow cameras in the courtroom for the August 6, Kobe Bryant hearing.

True, it’s a very small courthouse and the individual courtrooms are small. But our position is that cameras should be allowed only if the defendant consents. It’s the defendant who has a constitional right to a fair trial. The Bill of Rights was designed to protect the rights of the citizen accused. We don’t know if Kobe’s lawyers agreed.

For this hearing, it’s not a big deal. The accuser does not need to be present. The hearing will be short, maybe 10 minutes or less. It is simply to advise Kobe of the charges against him and his rights, both of which his attorneys have already explained to him, and to set a date for the preliminary hearing.

Kobe Bryant hearing date: August 6th 2003