Thursday , Aug , 07 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Converse “Invisible Game” commercial

In its new “Invisible Game” commercial unveiled this week, Converse re-establishes its leadership position as “The First School” of basketball, leveraging its authentic heritage of innovating performance footwear, evangelizing the sport, and staying true to the fundamental spirit of the game — a position no other brand can own. Inspired by its “First School” origins, Converse distills the game of basketball to its very essence through imaginative visuals – stripped clean of all but the basketball and hardwood court – that reconnect viewers to the soul of the game. Set in a classic gymnasium, the basketball is dribbled, passed, shot and dunked by a team of invisible players exhibiting the game’s grace, originality and athleticism as evidenced only through the ball’s deft movement. Rapper/actor/poet Mos Def, whose voice anchors the “Invisible Game,” is enhanced only by subtle sounds of rubber-soled shoes squeaking on the hardwood floor.

Created by Converse agency-of-record, Modernista! of Boston, the 30-second spot begins airing August 4, 2003, and is slated for a three-week run on national television and cable networks, including MTV, Comedy Central, ESPN/ESPN2 and BET. Converse will air its “Invisible Game” television campaign during the critical back-to-school period as part of its, “The First School” advertising campaign, which includes in-store and print components.

Source: MediaDailyNews “Out To Launch” newsletter