Sunday , Aug , 10 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Factory variants

With all the talk surrounding Kobe Bryant and his trial, I figured I should take a minute to speak on other aspects of the basketball culture; the shoes! Speaking of shoes, tough hearing about Nike trying to find a loophole in their freshly inked
contract with Kobe, so much for loyalty and support. Anyway on to the article at hand…

Factory variantsEver wonder where your favorite rappers are getting those "exclusive" Jordan’s? Or when did they come out with those color ways for the patent leather Jordan’s? Well, they’re called variants, factory variants actually. The proper definition of a factory variant is shoe that is a variation made at the factory or by a worker. These variants are usually made out of left over scrap pieces, some may be fake or some may not have all the necessary things such as zoom air. Because of the physical appearance it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a variant and an actual Nike shoe. With the increase of fashion trends, such as jerseys and team colors being flamboyantly worn, it is very difficult to find the appropriate pair of sneaks to match your outfit. As to many, there’s only so many times you can wear your uptowns (Air Force 1’s) Although variants give you a distinct look from a crowd and may draw extra attention to yourself, the flaw of this product is in the department of quality. Factory variants lack the durability of a regular Nike product, as they sometimes lack cushioning, air, durable paint and sometimes-simple things such as comfort. Overall I’ve seen hundreds of variants online and in stores but I doubt there will be a day where I purchase on myself. (Buyer beware: The original Air Jordan 2 is one of the toughest pairs of sneakers to find. The blueprint of the shoe was lost in Italy where it was developed many years ago which is why the Retro version of the Air Jordan 2 looks nothing like the original. My point, be careful when you see Air Jordan 2’s for sale online, as they may very well be factory variants.) If you can look past a few flaws, and feel the need to be the only kid on your block with royal blue 11’s then go get yourself a pair. If your not interested, don’t be alarmed, the rate at which Nike keeps shipping out Air Jordan’s, we’ll have the colors we really want very soon. Final note: Every pair of Air Jordan’s are currently counterfeited, so be careful where and from whom you purchase your Jordan’s from. The most popular fakes happen to be the VIII & the XI’s.

Read the truth: check our and whether or not their products are authentic or factory variants.