Thursday , Sep , 04 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

The Buying Guide

Well, it’s the start of a new college semester, back to the grind and since I never had a “wicked jump shot” or sold “the crack rock” I’m stuck here for another few years. When I posted the Factory Variants article I didn’t imagine getting the responses I did from readers, these responses compelled me to write a follow up article to answer all those inquisitive questions everyone has. So enough with the intro, here’s what you wanted.

The Buying Guide

How do I get Jordan’s early? Where can I find those rare ones?
Well it’s obvious everyone wants to be the first kid with the newest Jordans 3 weeks before they drop, but the process alone can be very costly and time consuming. There are a couple of ways in which to get these sneakers early.

– To get the sneakers about 2 weeks early, swing by your local sneaker store (my favorite areas was Jamaica Ave in Queens on NYC) but I’m certain each city has there own little spot. These small retailers, who over they years have been consistent buyers of Jordan and Nike products are graciously, granted a very small shipment of sneakers from Nike. Now of course, these small stores must pay a little extra for the bulk of their order, but they’re the lucky few who have those brand new Air Jordan 18’s 2 weeks before Footlocker. The great part for us as shoppers is we have the opportunity to own the pair before anyone else has them. The bad part you ask, well sometimes the prices can be inflated as much as $50 more that its regular value. Some ask is it worth spending $50 more when I can just wait two weeks? Well that’s up to you, but through experience I’ve personally paid in the area of $40 – 60 to get Jordans early. Is it worth it in my mind? No, but it’s probably not going to stop me from shelling out the extra cash. Always remember the prices will be higher and the stock is very limited, so try and get there two Saturdays before Footlocker advertises the new shoe.

– Now it’s the highly controversial and sometimes annoying second way to get those rare sneakers and also Jordans early. You can spend hours upon hours, sometimes even days searching the Internet for "Rare Air Jordans" and each time you’ll end up with the same result. To be honest, there are just too many question marks when it comes to individual websites that sell sneakers. You have to be extremely careful when buying, personally I wouldn’t use Money Orders and always get some sort of written agreement of contract going once you’ve decided to purchase. I’m speaking from experience here, so be weary of the sites you buy from and the people on the Internet who sell Jordans. Over the years, I’ve trusted sites such as for sales and good selection and used as a good reference to let me know which are variants and which are real.

As far as getting those Jordans early, I use eBay quite a lot. Of course, it begins as a bidding war, but the majority of the shoes on eBay are the real deal. The one problem is the majority of the products are from oversea markets such as Japan and Europe. The reason for this is, those other countries get the shoes much earlier than the US and not to mention the majority of the Nike products are manufactured on the other side of the world. The qualities of the products are very good and buyer profiles, which are provided by eBay, always help build trust for a first time buyer. Just always remember to be careful when buying products such as these, and use your references of variants and other reliable websites to help you decide which products are genuine and the ones that are not.

In closing, I hope this answered the questions to those of you who are curious to know how people get Jordans early, and which are real and which are variants and finally the question of finding that rare pair of Jordans. Happy shopping and if anyone is feeling generous I’m a size 11.5! I got a couple pics of Mr Jordan sporting the new Air Jordan XIX, so to all of my readers (all 3 of them, here’s a sneak peak) Enjoy…