Saturday , Oct , 04 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

ABC’s of the 2003-04 NBA Rookie Class

A– Anthony, Carmelo the #3 pick in the NBA Draft is a front-runner for rookie of the year. Playing for a Denver team that is already built around him, expect big things from Melo early and often in his career.

B– Boch, Chris the big talented forward from Georgia Tech went to the Toronto Raptors. Boch has the size and strength of last year rookie of the year Amare Stoudamire but without the athleticism. Boch does have a good outside touch for a big man.

C– Cook, Brian the Big Ten player of the year joins the Lake Show, gotta give the Lakers allot of credited for not only drafting two of the better big men (Cook, Walton) but also their free-agent singings.

ABC's of the 2003-04 NBA Rookie Class

D– Dwayne Wade who displayed all his skills in the March tournament last season putting up a triple double against Pittsburgh. Pat Riley hopes he brings his passing game as Riles plans to run Wade allot at the point.

E– Ebi, Ndudi a long tall high schooler from Texas who has Wolves fans thinking Garnett Jr. While he probably won’t get the chances Garnett did (the Wolves are competitive now) Ebi will be one to watch in the future.

F– Ford, TJ no longer running with Longhorns the diminutive, speedy point guard now will be running with a bunch of Bucks. Milwaukee looks to turn their whole team into a run-n-gun style team with athletes and shooters instead of size, just the style Ford will thrive in.

G– Gaines, Reece in Orlando and a front-runner to be the starting PG. Gaines had a great career at Louisville and now brings his sharp shooting to the Magic Kingdom.

H– Hinrich, Kirk another Kansas star is now a NBA player. Hinrich is a scoring point guard, but will do whatever is necessary to win, couple that with the point guard pressure being mainly on Jamal Crawford and Hinrich could have a very productive season.

I– Iraklis yea it’s in Greece. Where Sofoklis Schortsanitis played before being drafted by the Clippers. Can’t say allot about him but that name alone is a mouth full.

J– James, LeBron the most talked about player in the league. Still hasn’t played a game, but the expectations are already through the roof. Playing on a team of shooters and scorers will not help James but any time he does something right, trust me you’ll hear about it.

K– Kaman, Chris one of the newest 7-footer in the league, the Clippers hope Kaman can step up and help fill Olowokandi’s departure and get the Clipps back near respectability.

L– Luke Walton 2 Lukes in one draft?? Has to be a record. Walton will go and sit on the bench for the Lakers but when he gets a chance he will produce.

M– Milicic, Darko the #2 pick in the draft is on an already solid Pistons team that has won 100 games the last 2 seasons. The key will be if he can handle NBA big men and coach Larry Brown.

N– Nick Collison the former Kansas star now a Seattle Supersonic. The Sonics hope he can continue to work on his post moves while keeping his outside shot and fierce rebounding.

O– Outlaw, Travis great name for a Blazer. Outlaw came straight from high school, which seems to be a favorite recruiting ground for Portland (O’Neal, Woods, Outlaw). Outlaw will sit and watch mostly this season, and hope he doesn’t fall in with the rest of the Blazers.

P– Perkins, Kendrick two Kendricks (Brown) on one team, unreal. The Celtics took a chance on this high school star by acquiring him in a trade with Memphis. He’s got good size but as the case with most high school big men, it will take him a few seasons to adjust to NBA play.

Q– Quinton Ross an undrafted rookie free agent from Southern Methodist joins his initials duplicate Quentin Richardson in LA. Ross is a 6’6″ shooting guard who last year led the WAC conference in scoring at 20.3 ppg (37th in nation).

R– Ridnour, Luke the Sonics needed a point guard of the future, and the now. Ridnour is a nice fit in the up-tempo Sonics game, plus like a former Sonic great (Gary Payton) he knows how to finish when he gets to the rim.

S– Sweeteny, Mike the newest Knick is a former Georgetown big man, last time this happened Patrick Ewing was running the show. Sweeteney is not Ewing. Mike will bring allot of inside force for the Knicks but they already got a multitude of undersized interior players.

T– Troy Bell the Boston College product was giddy being drafted by the Celtics, but the ‘Tics quickly traded him to Memphis. An undersized shooting guard scoring machine, Bell will be a nice offensive weapon off the Grizz bench.

U– Udonis Haslem the former Gator signed as an undrafted free agent with Miami. Haslem had a good career as a Gator helping them to a Final Four loss against Michigan State. Will he make the Heat?? You never know where the next star may come from.

V– Vegas born and UNLV star Marcus Banks is now a Boston Celtic. Banks had his stock rise quickly before the graft thanks to great showings in the rookie tryouts. Celtics hope he can be that missing piece they need to compliment Pierce and Walker.

W– Williams, Mo the Utah Jazz 2nd round pick from Alabama. A quick point guard who may be one of the better “natural” point guards to come out of this draft. With no more Stockton the Jazz should give Mo every chance to succeed.

X– Xavier’s David West the Conference USA MVP takes his nightly college double-doubles (points, rebounds) to the Big Easy. Hornets see allot of Jamal Magloire in him, he isn’t the shot blocker of Magloire, but may give them a little more scoring bunch off the bench.

Y– Yuyang, Xue first Zhizhi Wang now him. The Mavericks seem to be searching for the next Far East impact player but have not found it. Wang’s now a Clipper, and Yuyang is now with Denver.

Z– Zarko Cabarkapa OK OK I know next to nothing about him except he’s playing in Phoenix, but try finding another “Z” named rookie.