Friday , Oct , 24 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

Trade talk

Antoine Walker traded to Dallas?? Can someone please explain this one to me. Does Dallas not know they already acquired Antwan Jamison? Walker and Jamison play the same position and unless Dirk Nowitski moves to center (won’t happen) one of them will have to come off the bench, I don’t think either player would enjoy that. For Boston, did they think that getting the BoSox bounced out of the MLB playoffs by the Yankees wasn’t enough for Bostonians to take in one week, they had to throw away the Celtics chances as well? Other then Pierce , Walker was the only other guy on that team that could score.They also sent along Tony Delk who never fit in, and received Raef LaFrentz who I guess will take Walker’s place as official 3-point hoister.

Trade talk

Danny Ainge the new GM in Boston had plans of trading Walker ever since he took over late last season, but the problems with this trade is, Boston got nothing in return. It’s like Ainge made this trade just so he could get Walker out of town, which makes little sence, since Walker though not a perfect fit for the Celtics, was an all-star who did so many things for that Boston team. On another topic, the Sonics are looking real smart for drafting a guy many teams thought didn’t enough size or scoring ability to make in the NBA. Luke Ridnour is now emerging as a possible starter for the Supersonics, after his impressive 12 point 12 assist game versus the Warriors.All this after coming back from an injury that required surgery right after the draft.

Staying out west, Kobe hit the court for his first game, and shot poorly 4-of-14, scoring 15 points, but the fans seemed to be with him cheering and giving him a couple big ovations. The Lakers lost the game to the Clippers but thats of little significance, the Lakers got to see their “Fab Four” play together for the first time, with O’Neal, Malone, Kobe,and Payton all scoring double figures. For the Clippers their rookie center Chris Kaman looked good scoring 9 and getting 9 rebounds, also of note Laker rookie Luke Walton got in 18 minutes and shot 4-of-6 scoring 8.

Finally the Lebron watch continues, after a couple of games of not being able to hit a jump-shot James came on strong against the Wizards getting 17 points and dishing out 8 assists. Paul Silas will continue to give serious consideration to running Lebron at the point, to get him, Ricky Davis, and Darius Miles all out on the floor at one time.