Thursday , Oct , 30 , 2003 C.Y. Ellis

2003-04 NBA Virtual GM Fantasy game

Just wanted to talk to you guys about this new fantasy game that just started on NBA Virtual GM is really easy to play. Be the General Manager of your own fantasy NBA team and you could win a trip to the 2004 NBA Finals. It’s free and easy to play. Simply assemble your best five-player team with some of the NBA’s greatest stars to compete against fans from around the world.


2003-04 NBA Virtual GM Fantasy game

Every participant has 100 poit to build the best NBA team (5 players and a coach) as possible. Every NBA player has a score. It is your job to get the best combination of players whitout going over the 100 points total.

You will then accumulate points according to each players performance. Your players points will be determined by the following formula:



(PTS + REB + AST + STL + BLK) – ((FGA – FGM) + (FTA – FTM) + TO)


In this formula, PTS = points scored, REB = total rebounds, AST = assists, STL = steals, BLK = blocked shots, FGA = field goals attempted, FGM = field goals made, FTA = free throws attempted, FTM = free throws made and TO = turnovers. In addition, your head coach will earn you 5 points for each game his or her team wins. Should your final roster for Sunday’s game include the NBA player who earns NBA Player of the Week honors you will earn an additional 15 points for that week. Good luck!  

Click here if you would like to register for this great online basketball fantasy game or click here to go to the home page of the game.

If you are part of the game and would like to share your experience, feel free to post some comments below.