Wednesday , Sep , 06 , 2006 C.Y. Ellis

USA Basketball: the stake of a franchise owner

It was so disappointing to read Mark Cuban’s interview on his weblog this morning. His comments on what USA basketball should do or not are totally influenced by the fact that he is a franchise owner.

Cuban said that "The Americans have everything to lose while international clubs have everything to gain. Keeping our NBA players out of it and reengineering the international team to play a more international style might be the best thing to do."

How could one think that USA Basketball has everything to loose playing international ball? There is so much to learn by playing internationally. Look how much the NBA has evolved since players like Nowitzki, Parker and Gasol started playing in it.

What about getting the recognition we once had on the international basketball scene?

It seems that Cuban does not get a fair enough share of the international profit the league is making internationally. That is how his analysis sounds like if you read between the lines.

Cuban states “I personally don’t think the NBA gains returns equal to a money market fund from the money we spend internationally”. Well Mr. Cuban, knowing David Stern, this international expansion is probably worth it for someone. Maybe not franchise owners, but it certainly is for the NBA and for the fans.

To finish his influenced lecture, Cuban adds “The USA is the most prolific TV market in the world. Increasing our ratings and attendance here from better marketing will pay us far, far more returns than anything we could ever possibly do internationally.”

We love you Mark, you always bring great ideas to the table, but there must be a better conclusion to USA’s loss in the world championship than encouraging the NBA to keep it’s investments in the US.