Friday , May , 18 , 2007 C.Y. Ellis

New NBA STREET Homecourt Downloadable Content

New NBA STREET Homecourt Downloadable ContentJust when you thought the best basketball game on the market couldn’t get better, they went and gave you a few more reasons to love {NBA STREET Homecourt}. Read on to find out what’s on offer, then check out the screenshots below.

{{Out Now}}: {{Additional Characters & Apparel}} (300 MS Points / $3.75 USD): Six additional characters (Stretch, Bonafide, Drake, Osmosis, Biggie Littles, and Takashi), plus new Brand Jordan apparel items

{{Shoes}}: Air Jordan I, Air Jordan III, Air Jordan V, Jordan Melo M3, Jordan B’Loyal

{{Outfits}}: Jordan XX2 (2 color combos), Jordan Authentic Game, Jordan New Classic Mesh, Jordan Rising Star

{{Out Now}}: Melo’s Cloverdale (Free): “re-skinned” version of existing Cloverdale court

{{Coming this week}}: Rucker Park (Free – Sponsored by Sprite)

{{Out Now}}: Perkins Park (Lebron James’ homecourt) (300 MS Points / $3.75 USD) – Brand-new, never-before-seen court