Friday , May , 08 , 2009 C.Y. Ellis

Ron Artest’s Table-Leg Murder Account Verified

Ron Artest's Table-Leg Murder Account VerifiedFollowing a game that was unusually rough and rugged even for a playoff contest, the ejected, defeated Ron Artest could be forgiven for rambling a little in the postgame interview.  Instead, he opened by detailing an event which many immediately dismissed as a work of fiction.  Check out the clip below and tell me your first instinct wasn’t to wave the account off as nothing but a tall tale.

Well, it turns out that Ron-Ron spoke not a word of a lie.  This story from the New York Times of Monday, April 15, 1991 attests to the fact that a young man was indeed killed with a table leg in Queens during a heated game.

A 19-year-old basketball player from Queens was fatally stabbed with a broken-off table leg today after a fight broke out during a basketball tournament, the police said.

The player, Lloyd Newton, was stabbed in the back with a leg from the scorer’s table at the championship game of a Y.M.C.A.-sponsored tournament at the Niagara Falls Boys and Girls Club, the police in Niagara Falls said.

"An argument ensued about the score," Capt. Louis Curcione said, adding that one of the teams "thought they were getting gypped."

"A fight broke out between the players and about 40 fans in the stands," he said. "In the course of the fight, one person was stabbed in the back."

Ugh.  Here’s one case in which I really wished the player was lying.