Friday , May , 11 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Kobe Blames Bynum for Loss

Kobe points the finger squarely at Bynum for Laker loss.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Kobe’s right. Bynum sucked.

Kobe stated after Los Angeles lost game 6 to The Nuggets 113-96 that Bynum and Gasol are to blame and need to start playing some ball. Kobe looked dejected and beaten down after the game. He played despite his illness and looked exhausted after having reportedly being given 4 bags of intravenous fluid. Even sick, Kobe managed to go for 31 points as Bynum and Gasol jogged through the game like it was a summer league workout.

These two big men that were suppose to deliver the most imposing low post presence in the NBA are getting pushed around and man handled by the no name Nuggets. Bynum had only 11 points Thursday and Gasol only 3. These guys think they’re the best low post duo in the NBA? Are you joking? If I had told you before this series that JaVale McGee was going to out play Andrew Bynum you would have thought I was crazy, but that’s exactly what’s happened. Bynum’s arrogance and immaturity is so great that he even felt it was time to rub it in Denver’s face when LA was up 3 games to 1 and went on record stating that close out games were easy.

Now the series tied 3-3 with Denver surging with energy and Los Angeles looking exhausted. The best thing going for Kobe and the Lakers right now is a day off before game 7. This will hopefully give Kobe time to recover and give Bynum and Gasol time to grow a pair. Gasol’s played the entire series weak. He relies on his fadeaway jumper instead of taking the ball to the rim.  Bynum’s simply has played nonchalant. He gets his easy buckets when he’s simply the biggest guy on the court, but almost never exerts his will over his opponent and takes advantage of his size and strength. 

The odd silver lining in a series game 7 is the return of Metta World Peace. Who would have thought we would be seeing him in this series? This is something no one would have predicted, but Kobe is grateful to see Metta’s return. “He is the one guy i can rely on to compete and play hard,” Kobe said about Metta’s return. This might be just the spark LA needs to get that hunger back in their eye. Bynum and Gasol are certainly not going to bring it. It might just take a man named World Peace to bring the tenacity and fight back to the LA sideline. 

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