Wednesday , May , 16 , 2012 Andrew Flint

Pacers Coach Fined 15K For Calling Miami Floppers

David Stern fined Indiana Pacers coch Frank Vogel 15k for calling the Miami Heat a bunch of floppers.

HoopsVibe Very Quick Call: David Stern Don’t Play.

Pacers Coach Fined 15K For Calling Miami Floppers

Vogel stated the Heat were the biggest floppers in the league and wondered if the refs were going to reward their flopping. David Stern didn’t find Vogel’s curiosity amusing and slapped him with a $15,000 fine. HoopsVibe wonders if $15,000 will slow down Vogel’s tongue in the future? It never slowed down Mav’s owner Mark Cuban, but Cuban’s the owner and has deep pockets. Vogel’s just a mid-level coach and probably needs that 15k toward buing his swanky ties (see above).

Reggie Miller had an interesting take on Vogel’s comments asking why anyone should be upset with players making smart plays to help their team win. A flop’s not a bad play if it gives your team a key possession, Miller points out. It’s a smart play. Some players and teams are better at fooling the refs into the amount of contact that was made on a given play. That’s just smart basketball. Of course, Miller was a known flopper in his day, but also a Hall of Fame player. Instead of complaining about Miami’s flopping, maybe Vogel should teach his players how to take a charge.

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