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Rumor: Mavs will try to sign Deron Williams

Mavs have their eyes on free agent Deron Williams.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Willaims would be a great addition in Dallas.

Rumor: Mavs will try to sign Deron Williams

The Dallas Mavericks just signed coach Rick Carlisle to a four-year extension and now they’re looking to put the pieces together to make another championship run. Lord knows Carlisle wasn’t the reason they won last season and without the right players they can expect another early exit from the playoffs like this year.

Last years off-season moves definitely didn’t help the Mavs. The only person of consequence they acquired was Lamar Odom and he turned out to be about as big a flop as the movie “John Carter.” Note: “John Carter” lost $200 million for Disney. The Mavs unexplainably let Defensive Player of the year Tyson Chandler get away and backup point guard JJ Barea. These moves virtually guaranteed the Mav’s a first round exit from the playoffs and left many Dallas fans scratching their heads. Those Dallas fans still didn’t want to go watch “John Carter,” but they didn’t want to watch Dallas suck either.

This off season Mark Cuban is going fishing for quality guard play. Jason Kidd is about 10,000 years old and needs to start becoming a backup guy like Derrick Fisher or at the very least learn how to translate ancient biblical languages like Amharic, so we can put his age to use. The Mavs need a quality 1-man and quite frankly you couldn’t do much better than Deron Williams. The only real questions are how much money will it take and can they get him to come to Dallas? If they can this one move will greatly improve the Mavs. It would make a huge difference if the opposition had to actually worry about the Mav’s 1-man shooting. The Mavs could still use another big defensive presence like Chandler, but one step at a time.


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