Thursday , May , 24 , 2012 Elijah Abramson

Pau Gasol Expects To Be Traded

Pau Gasol told reporters on Thursday that he expects to be traded.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Gasol will not return next year as a Laker.

Pau Gasol’s duties with the Los Angeles Lakers officially ended on Wednesday. The question that remains is whether this is the end of the line for Gasol in LA. He struggled through trade rumors earlier in the year when it looked like the Lakers were going to acquire Chris Paul, but after those negotiations fell apart, Gasol position on the team was never quite the same. 


Now that the Lakers are out of the playoffs and Gasol regular season and playoff performance was uninspired, the potential for a Gasol trade are greater than ever. He hung around the practice facility this week looking melancholy contemplating his future with the Lakers.

“It’s still very much possible that this is one of my last days,” Gasol said while standing outside the practice facility. “Every day could be my last day. It’s not sentimental, but it does cross your mind that there could be a change.”

This year with Bynum’s growing role in the offense Gasol found himself the third and somtimes fourth option on a team he used to be number 2. “It’s been difficult to be pretty much the third option,” Gasol said. “I’ve never experienced that in my career. I still gave it my best. We’ll see how it looks next year. But it has been challenging at times.”

Said Brown: “With Andrew Bynum excelling or having a bigger role, it made it a little tougher for Pau. It pushes a guy like Pau out, and you’ve got Metta [World Peace] trying to sneak in there once in a while.”

It’s not yet clear what the future holds for Pau Gasol, but one thing is near certain, he will not be back in LA for the start of next season.

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