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Does Calling a Timeout Help?

Using quantitative analysis three Norwestern University researches can figure out what coaches know how to call timeout and what coaches don’t.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: I love when sports and nerds collide. Very cool stuff.

Does Calling a Timeout Help?

Three Northwestern University researches analyzed all 30 NBA teams and every single timeout taken over the last 3 seasons. The question they were trying to systematically analyze was whether taking timeouts actually had any impact. What they found out surprised them. In the large majority of cases taking the timeout had no impact on the outcome of the game and the statistically better team still won.

Here is a list of the 3 teams at taking timeout based on their sore differential per minute between timeouts.

1st. Indiana Pacers

2nd. Oklahoma City Thunder

3rd. San Antonio Spurs


Here is a list of the 3 worst teams at taking timeouts.

28th. Toronto Raptors.

29th. Memphis Grizzlies.

30th. Sacramento Kings.



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