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Top 5 Reasons Derrick Rose Shouldn’t Return This Year.

Top 5 reasons Derrick Rose shouldn’t return this season.

HoopsVibe’s Very Quick Call: Everyone want to see DRose back on the court, but at this point in the season he should probably just sit it out.

#5 Disrupt Chicago’s Flow: Chicago is currently 5th in the Eastern Conference with a clinched playoff birth. I’m sure they’d be in the top 2 or 3 if Rose was playing, but Chicago is still a dangerous team and has proven they can beat top teams (ending Miami’s 27 game win streak) even without Rose. His return at this point wouldn’t help them finish the year strong, it would only disrupt whatever continuity and offensive flow they’ve taken the year to establish.

#4 Not Game Ready: Rose has been out almost a year. I know he’s been practicing and feels great, but the reality is you are only truly in shape to play ball, by playing ball. Rose isn’t in the shape he needs to be in to compete at playoff level NBA ball. It would take most player at least a couple weeks of games to get their legs back and with the playoff almost upon us, not isn’t the time.

#3 Unrealistic Expectations: People are expecting DRose to swoop in and be the same player he was before his injury. He may never be that player again. If he does regain his former form, it may take time. Throwing him into the NBA playoffs and expecting him to save Chicago’s season is unfair. He needs more time to come back gradually. Just let this season go and let him come back full strength next year.

#2 Not Mentally Ready: Rose has told the press he still doesn’t “feel” ready. If a player doesn’t feel confident with his body he should be on the court. Give, Rose may only ever get ready by getting back in the game, but his mental preparedness is key to his return. If his mind doesn’t believe he’s ready to be back, his effectiveness and susceptibility to injury should be concerns. 

#1 Risk Injury: Chicago and Rose need to think of the big picture. His return for the last few games of the regular season and a playoff run that will likely be stopped in either the first or second round isn’t worth the risk. Let Rose continue to rehab over the spring and summer, coming back completely confident in his ACL next season. Why risk it?

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