Friday , May , 04 , 2007 Oly Sandor

The Take: Baron Davis & The Golden State Warriors Shock Dallas & The World

The Golden State Warriors have done the unthinkable-they’ve beaten the Dallas Mavericks. But with the win, the Warriors have done something more important than moving onto the second round. They’ve exercised the ghosts of the past, taking a giant step towards respectability … Click here to read about the long-term significance of Golden State’s win ….

They can now move on from the past.  Run TMC no longer casts such a large shadow. ‘s one year legacy is forgotten. And Latrell Sprewell‘s assault on Coach P.J. Carlesimo is finally over.

Yes, the shocked the basketball world by beating the 111-86 on Thursday night, taking the series 4-2.

Make no mistake about it, history was made in Oakland. This was the first time the #8 seed has ever upset the #1 seed in a best of seven playoff series.

But the win did something much more important. It buried Golden State’s ugly past. After all, the Warriors had become the Clippers’ northern cousins, missing out on the playoffs for 12 consecutive seasons.

During those 12 years, they became the NBA’s biggest laughingstock. They drafted poorly. They overpaid players. And they hired terrible coaches.

Even when they made sound personnel decisions, things, in an ironic and cruel way, would often blow-up in their faces. For example, Golden State pulled off a coup by drafting superstar in the second round. But since Arenas was a second round pick, he became a free agent after just two seasons and ditched Oakland for Washington.

Sometimes they were just stupid. Golden State drafted journeyman in the lottery. Foyle had been a bust. However, the Warriors, knowing Foyle was a complete and utter bust, still gave him a massive 4 year, 40 million dollar contract. He now spends entire seasons chained to the bench.

But tonight’s win went a long way towards exercising those demons that plagued the franchise. Most importantly, the Warriors have established an identity as an offensive team that entertains with their small-ball style.

This identity has become very chic. And not just with the basketball masses. The celebrities were in attendance for game six. Snoop Dogg was sitting court-side, rocking the Slick Rick rope chain. Woody Harrelson was taking in all the action. And Owen Wilson took a break from crashing weddings to crash and ’s party.

Things have definitely changed in Oakland. The national spotlight is finally shinning on the Warriors. It’s well deserved. So take a minute and enjoy it Golden State.

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