Saturday , May , 17 , 2008 Christopher Sells

A Day Without Basketball

A Day Without Basketball

Yesterday, there were two very entertaining Game Sixes. One saw a team move on to the Conference Finals, another set up what should be an interesting Game Seven.

Today, there is nothing. Unless you count the season tip-off for the WNBA.

I didn’t think so.

I’d like to believe that this was a scheduling quirk, but I have to believe that the NBA is trying to make us watch their women’s basketball league. This seems exactly like something they’d do.

Let’s be real about it: The WNBA isn’t nearly as entertaining as the NBA. If it were, there wouldn’t be a need to resort to tactics like these to try to get us to watch the games. And, before you call me sexist, I watch women’s college basketball. Something about the WNBA just doesn’t appeal to me, though.

So I suppose I’ll be sitting around tonight, not watching a basketball game for the first time in a while. If you choose to venture over to watch one of those “other” games, Good Luck.