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Kevin Garnett’s elbow on Q’ Richardson: defending Paul Pierce or getting revenge?

As HoopsVibe’s News section reported, The Big Ticket could soon be The Big Suspended.

With forty seconds remaining and the Boston Celtics ahead in game one of their opening round playoff series verses the Miami Heat, Kevin Garnett was ejected for hitting Quentin Richardson with an elbow during a stoppage in play.

Moments earlier, Heat post Udonis Haslem and Richardson knocked Celtics star Paul Pierce over with an aggressive trap. With Pierce on the floor and apparently injured, Garnett elbowed Richardson to the head, which set off a shoving match between the two teams. Both players were ejected and could be suspended for game two.

Following the game, Garnett played the ‘I was defending a teammate’ card to reporters. Well, maybe. The full story is that The Truth and the former Mr. Moesha have history; these two were thrown out of a game on Martin Luther King Day in 2008 for engaging in some heated trash talk.

Garnett, who has a notoriously long memory, may have been supporting Pierce, but was he also getting revenge?

What do you think? Was Garnett defending Pierce when he elbowed Richardson or was he settling old scores? Watch both clips and get at us in the comment box below with thoughts. 


(Was Garnett defending Pierce by going after Richardson?) 

(Or, was he settling an old score when Pierce and Richardson were thrown out of a game on January 24th, 2008?)

Phot courtesy of TheMikeLee. 

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