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2010 LEBRON Vol. Where does he go?

It’s official. LeBron James is a free agent. He’s up for grabs. People were waiting to exhale. Don’t exhale just yet until the first week of July. The Boston Celtics has eliminated the Cleveland Cavaliers from the second round in a disastrous series.

The message board flame wars have begun. The internet is serious business. Fan bases are invading other bases with the intent to incite and troll. I’m surprised that this is not being reported on CNN as breaking news. They’re not thinking of the children. Instead, the fan boys are thinking, “F the children. This is about LeBron. It’s a big F’N deal.” The rumors and speculations are downright hilarious. The Big Network will be on this 24/7 complete with countdown ticker and up to the hour updates. This is eerily similar to Brett Favre’s countdown to make a decision to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Yet, this is even bigger than JaMarcus Russell hitting the buffet line in Vegas.

Speaking of Vegas, they’re already calculating the odds on where LeBron lands.

Every fan base continues to debate over what team and city present the best case scenario. Fan base #1 will present their roster, possible moves, and city climate. Fan base #2 will bash them to no end and then make their pitch. The cycle continues with other bases joining in. The conversations become endless verbal sparring without anything actually happening. It is pointless. Almost every team is making a sales pitch to LeBron’s entourage and agent right now. It’s also impossible to come up with every best case scenario for each team. Every fan base has different opinions on what they can offer. Hey, even a New York club has offered free lap dances for LeBron for life if he signs with the Knicks. Sweet.

I know two things. Do not buy into The Big Network’s idea of LeBron James going to Chicago. I do not see that happening. The common denominator is Michael Jordan’s shadow – the legacy is too big to match. See Bryant, Kobe. Also, he is leaving Cleveland. Danny Ferry and crew have maxed out their moves. That’s the best they can offer.

Think of the situation as a relationship with the girlfriend. A guy spends x amount of years with the girl. He wants to go to the next level – get the ring and get hitched. The girl cannot give him that because she is not ready and does not want any kids. It’s time to break up. During the relationship, the guy had other girls jockeying him hard ready to marry and have babies.

All those years were wasted. Like Kevin Garnett said, “Loyalty hurts you because you can’t get youth back.” That is why the time is here to end the relationship with Cleveland.

It is truly amazing that any basketball fan nearing the age of 30 and over knows that MJ’s grasp on the league is still prevalent today even when Jordan officially retired in 2003. Wherever LeBron plays, he will always be compared to Air Jordan. He was compared to him since he was drafted. Kobe was in the same position, too. LeBron and Kobe can play in Siberia, Alaska, or Austria and they still will be measured up to The Golden Standard. Nothing can change that.

What to do?

Ignore that in free agency even when the Chicago Bulls try to court him on July 1st. Jordan’s legacy is an afterthought. New Jersey, New York, Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles Clippers, and the Lakers fan base are making pitches right now; all good situations except for the Clippers because the owner has bad karma.

Here are the things LeBron has to think about before signing to any team:
1)    Look at the roster. Do they have a legit second option? Do they have quality players? Is their bench deep? Is it a playoff team? Can I win with them immediately once I sign on?
2)    Experienced coach
3)    Let management make moves to accommodate me before I sign on.
4)    Is it an attractive city?
5)    I want to be The Man. I don’t want to share leadership.

He is not going to worry about the money because that will always be available. Every team will offer a max deal. The speculations are probably getting stale as of this moment, but this has the biggest probability of happening since the Boston Celtics demonstrated how inferior the players were surrounding LeBron. This is a big deal.

He does not want to end up as a king of nothing. Where does he end up?



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