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Rashard Lewis and Joe Johnson prove that NBA front offices are stupid.

America is awesome. We get to blow up illegal fireworks to celebrate the freedom of life and independence of this great country and get paid handsomely for playing a game. NFL football is where it’s at! F#$K yeah! What’s this World Cup stuff? Excuse me. I meant NBA basketball is the awesomeness. You do not have to be on Kobe – Wade – LeBron tier to get a max deal. Sweet.

Where do I sign? I would love to be in Adam Morrison’s spot right now. I can be an injured cheerleader for $500,000 per year while getting to see Kobe Bryant play with the best seat in the house. Holla!

Scottie Pippen must be mad right now. I understand if he met with Joe Johnson and dissed him to death. Years of severely being underpaid for being a top 50 player all time compared to 4 time All Star Joe Johnson is a definite blow to pride and ego, but Pippen has an absolute legacy of being a great winning player with championships. Joe Johnson has a legacy of performing badly in the playoffs. He proved me wrong by gaining a maximum deal to the tune of 6 years/$119 million. Let’s congratulate him on getting that deal. He didn’t earn it, but he got it. Mucho props.

Most of us thought that Johnson was leaving Atlanta for sure after the 2010 playoffs. He dissed the fans. He scored 8 points on 2 different occasions during that span. He looked disinterested. The mega contract proves that the cash cures most ills. Wu-Tang was right when they rapped about C.R.E.A.M (Cash Rules Everything Around Me). How can this be the outcome after a bad playoff showing?

First off, Joe Johnson is not to blame for this. He got his money. If any one of us was offered that type of deal, you’d take the loot and run, too. Be real. I would. Then again, I also know that I will not be competing for a championship by taking it because although Johnson is on a playoff team, they’re pretenders. The Hawks do not have any player near top 10 on the roster.  We also have to factor in how they completely fell apart against Dwight Howard’s Orlando Magic. Joe Johnson’s 2010 playoff efficiency statistic is 15.09. That’s $20 million per year?

Atlanta’s management obviously got desperate. They’re like the boyfriend who almost got dumped by his girl. He swayed her back with promises for change and bought superficial gifts like a car and a brand new iPAD. Atlanta gave him a max deal. I bet Johnson himself was shocked that he was offered that. He might as well come back and take that cash. Chicago was not going to offer him that. No one was going to come close. Hawks were stupid since Johnson is entering the wrong side of 30 and his play is on the decline.

Some theorists believe that Atlanta’s current front office did not give a shit about the contract. A new ownership will buy the team and they will be the ones responsible to fit the bill for most awesome contract ever. The previous ownership will then take their money and run, too. Joe Johnson did that. Why can’t them?  Another thought is that Atlanta wanted to stay competitive and not be left without anything.

Ultimately, the reasons for the max deal do not matter. The front office ignored the facts. Stupid is stupid. Move over Rashard Lewis. Joe Johnson has left a bigger legacy than you. The suits across the league are proving that many of them are dumber than a true intelligent fan of the game. What are they even thinking? There will always be another person who plays like Rashard Lewis and Joe Johnson. They’re not Kobe, Wade, or LeBron in any way. However I salute those 2 men for getting their money, but they will not be remembered as winners.

This is something Pippen should be happy about.


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