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What should the Indiana Pacers do with Danny Granger?

Danny Granger is a great player. He’s so great that he is a second option on a championship contending team. Granger is a top 5 small forward in the NBA, but he’s not a star. The murderous East leaves no one alive. The Indiana Pacers is no exception. Miami, Chicago, Orlando, Boston, New York, Milwaukee, and to a lesser extent, Philadelphia, all got better. Indiana barely did anything. Granger earned a better destiny than this although he hasn’t complained to anyone yet.  

The Pacers is stuck in stagnant murky waters. This was put into motion when they completely did not land anyone notable to surround Granger. He has been marvelous for Indiana within the last 3 seasons. His points per game read 19.6, 25.8, and 24.1. He’s going to be 27 years old. During his current tenure, they have only been to the playoffs once in 2005-2006. Granger has proven that he is not a franchise player according to the results regardless of stats. He has not been an All NBA stud and has not led the team to the playoffs as the best player. When he is compared to other elite talent, Granger will have to take a backseat. Again, he seems to have trouble maintaining health during the past two seasons participating in 67 and 62 games, respectively.

It’s all good. It is not his fault. There are not many franchise players around the league.

Larry Bird and company are stuck without a solid point guard for the present and future. TJ Ford and Jamaal Tinsley are in the last years of their deals. AJ Price is solid only as a backup. They probably have to consider starting Lance Stephenson who is not all that impressive either. The time is now to add assets around the guy.

Here are some fans’ take – “Give Danny a year to mesh with George, Stevenson. Attempt to move dunleavy for a washing machine, and a rush for a roll of toilet paper, and see where it takes you. A healthy hansborough should make things more interesting too…”

“Trade him to Dallas for Butler/Terry or any other expirings the Pacers want so they can rebuild their franchise with Paul George and Tyler Hansbrough.”

“Trade him to Cleveland to replace LeCon, but they can’t do anything until Paul George proves that he’s the real deal. I don’t know what the Cavs could give Indiana, except the two Miami first round picks they got in the LeCon sign-and-trade.”

“Is Granger 27?! Wow he needs to get the **** out of Indiana”

Larry Bird and David Morway have to level up their game right now. Larry Bird’s crew has done a horrible job building the team. They simply haven’t recovered since the Brawl at the Palace. The sharks are circling around the fresh scent of blood. Opposing teams better bring mind blowing offers for Danny Granger because he’s the Pacers best player and he is on a good contract. Indiana doesn’t give a damn about cap space or expiring deals. The team has a lot of financial flexibility around the corner and the jury is still out on the young players on the roster. As a collective whole, they’re just not that talented. There is no excuse. They have to get better with all that space before it becomes “crap space.”  The front office better make sure that Danny Granger is happy, too. Send him a game worn autographed Peyton Manning jersey. That might do the trick.

In 3 seasons, if there is no "team on the rise," Larry Legend should strongly consider trading Granger. Time is ticking.


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