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At least the Clippers got Blake Griffin back.

The preseason is here. It is time to get things back on track. Every team on every preseason usually has fluff pieces made painting pictures of potential and promises such as high expectations with a lot of smiles shown in media photos. Fans buy into that thinking happy thoughts and see a chance to turn it all around unlike the previous season. Well, do not fall for that trash. It’s all useless tripe.

Every Clipper fan should acknowledge this by now. If you’re a new Clipper fan, get ready for some empty promises. Not all is bad – at least you got Blake Griffin back.

Let’s not discuss the team’s high expectations. That has been done over hundreds of times. That method simply does not work. From here on out, low expectations is the new vogue thing. This team looks good on paper with Baron Davis at the point, Eric Gordon at the 2, rookie forward Al-Farouq Aminu, Blake Griffin, and Chris Kaman. Things fall apart with this franchise apparently so take the roster with a grain of salt. Coach Vinny Del Negro might surprise some people so expect to see him walking the sidelines a lot with a ninja scroll rolled up in his hands.

What will Blake Griffin average during the 2010-2011 season? Here is hoping that he averages 17 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, and 54% field goal shooting. I, for one, will observe his “games played” stat. That is the most crucial one of all. Here is hoping Griffin starts in 70+ games. Pop your beer bottles at that. Salud!

Baron Davis has to regain the All Star level he once was before joining the Clips to sniff the playoffs. Obvious, right? Well, yeah. Sometimes the most obvious things go unnoticed. 18 points and 8 assists are pretty close to All Star. Davis can’t be an All Star because Chris Paul and Deron Williams are in the way, but he can sure put up numbers like one even at this stage in his career. He cannot use micro management as an excuse from holding him back anymore.

Eric Gordon is primed for a breakout year. Do not be surprised if he becomes the team’s leading scorer. He has to make that quantum leap now or within the next 3 seasons. Let’s hope that this season is the one where he makes it. Rookie Al-Farouq Aminu is an unknown. Chris Kaman stays steady at 18 points and 9 rebounds per game. “Games played” is the most important statistic for him just like Blake Griffin. DeAndre Jordan hopefully improves in case Griffin or Kaman goes out.

The Clippers need to act that every regular season game is a playoff game to have a puncher’s chance to make the actual playoffs. Last year was a throwaway season since there were many tumultuous changes so there was no real chemistry or unity within the team.  Losing Blake Griffin was a huge blow, too. What to expect from the team this year? “Stay healthy” should be the motto.

Will the team actually make the playoffs? No.
Final verdict: No playoffs for 2010-2011. Last in Pacific Division. Baron Davis is currently the closest thing they have to a star on the roster. That does not place forth a lot of confidence.

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