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The 2010-2011 Detroit Pistons will miss playoffs again.

You know things were looking weird in Detroit when general manager Joe Dumars was rumored to be looking at other GM jobs around the league. His prized signing of Ben Gordon did not go as planned and Charlie Villanueva ended up coming off the bench. Ben Gordon was utilized the same way. Dumars signed Gordon to roughly $58 million and Villanueva to $37.7 million. That’s about $95.7 million for two bench guys.

What was he thinking? He had to make a splash and failed last season. Ben Gordon was mostly hurt and couldn’t find the chemistry with the team. Charlie V just kept on chucking and rocking the headband. He is who he is – a career 13 points per game scorer. He vows to improve, but there shouldn’t be the benefit of a doubt since he had the previous 4 seasons to improve. Gordon fell off the most from being a lethal 20 points per game starter with the Chicago Bulls to an injury plagued 13 points per game role player. Piston fans are hoping that he comes back as the 20 points per game dead eye shooter.

The roster features Richard Hamilton, Ben Gordon, Rodney Stuckey, Tayshaun Prince, and Will Bynum. Where does Tracy McGrady fit? He’s trying to prove the world, especially the Chicago Bulls camp that practiced their due diligence, that he can still be something in this league. I am not sure what that “something” is. McGrady can go off for 20 to 30+ points on some nights, but he cannot average that ever again like he did for Orlando and Houston. Those days are over. Look at the multiple guards and forwards. Where does he fit? There has to be a trade to clear up this log jam. Joe Dumars has to figure this out fast. He had to sign McGrady because that is still a big name. Does this signal the end of Rip Hamilton in Detroit? Or is this the end of Tayshaun Prince?

He is not going to trade Gordon or Villanueva that quickly or he’ll confirm that he was an idiot for the signings. Ego is too big in this life.

The addition of rookie Greg Monroe signals a brand new direction for the franchise’s center of the future. Austin Daye better get a lot better than his rookie year. He just averaged 5.1 points and 2.5 rebounds. His “per 36 minutes” stats are great with 13.7 points, 6.8 rebounds, a steal, and a block. Then again he does not play 36 minutes per game.

Ben Wallace is a corpse. Jason Maxiell can still block the hell out of shots. Chris Wilcox is trade fodder.

Final verdict: The Pistons will miss playoffs again even with Tracy McGrady. They will be battling for the 4th and 5th spots in the Central Division against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Detroit is slightly better. With that, they’ll finish at number 4. No brainers – trades have to be made. Consider this another rebuild and development year for the franchise. Please don’t tank the season for Harrison Barnes or anyone else. The ball club probably doesn’t want another LeBron type mess a few years down the line. That’s just bad karma for purposely losing.


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