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2010-2011 Top 10 Fantasy Shooting Guards pt.1

Have you ever been offered a trade where it wasn’t remotely close? I hate that. Then you counter making it closer, but they end up expanding the trade or resort back to the original offer. They claim that they want to “get the most” out of a certain player’s stats. That is bull. The name of the game is to get more and rip people off crippling their team. It’s pathetic that a lot of fantasy guys think that way.  Be reasonable with the trade offer. Be flexible. Stick with the numbers. Also, do not trade offers linger. Let them know somewhere that you need more time to think.

10. Joe Johnson 17.1 points, EFF+15.6, 4.1 rebounds, 5.2 assists
He fell off once he got his money. The sad thing is that this was expected. Tisk tisk. Johnson is trade bait in fantasy land since he had elbow surgery and will be out for awhile. He is actually untradeable because of this.  Joe Johnson owners must be kicking their computers while surfing the net for more free porn. There is a silver lining. Marvin Williams and Mike Bibby fantasy numbers went up a bit because they have to make up for Joe Johnson’s absence.  

9. Stephen Jackson 18.1 points, EFF +16.1, 4.2 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.4 stls
The man from Port Arthur, Texas remains rock steady in the game although he is steadily falling off. Do not expect him to be among the top 10 next season. S-Jax is good right now so enjoy his last good statistical year.

8. Kevin Martin 22.6 points, EFF +17.2, 3.0 rebounds, 2.6 assists
This particular fellow is about right in the rankings. Number 8 is not bad. He just shoots and scores. That’s all he does. We know his game. He doesn’t do D very well so you’re not going to see blocks and steals. Fantasy guys will get seduced into his scoring. That’s about it. If you can trade for an upgrade, do it. Keep him if you can’t.

7. Andre Iguodala 14.2 points, EFF +17.5, 6.7 rebounds, 5.1 assists, 1.2 stls
Iggy should be in the top 5 with his all around game. He does not get the numbers efficiently enough to crack the top 5. I can see why Philly is looking to trade him in order to make room for Evan Turner. Yes, I know Turner got benched again. With that said, he’s a rookie and needs all the playing time to get better. Iguodala has been disappointing because this guy can flirt with triple doubles. The under performance is an issue.

6. Jason Richardson 21.2 points, EFF + 18.1, 4.6 rebounds, 1.5 assists, 1.1 stls
He doin’ his thing as usual. I just did not expect J-Rich to be here. The Suns are obviously leaning on him a lot because of Stoudemire’s departure. He has not disappointed anyone. There are better big guards below him on the list, but I’m just going on what the numbers say. The guards below him should actually perform better. The numbers do not lie in this particular case.

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