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Russell Westbrook. Better than Durant?

Seriously. Is he? He does EVERYTHING for the Thunder. He is the facilitator, scorer, and defender (although he’s been slipping). He has more duties than Durant. The kid from Long Beach, California does that stuff very well. I’m wondering if he is a real MVP candidate. He took a quantum leap this year and the numbers are jaw dropping. This is a serious question and needs to be scrutinized. He led the team without Durant to beat the Boston Celtics on their home floor. Without Durant ya understand?

Don’t respond with “Durant is easily better than Westbrook.” No bueno. That is not going to work. You better activate Waka Flocka and arrive hard in the paint with better answers. Durant is not untouchable even by his teammate. I know the Kevin Durant Defense Force will defend the golden boy like he can’t do any wrong. That’s fine.

Russ is going into high usage scoring, which is not good. Kevin Durant is there to score. Why does Russ have to do that? This hurts Kevin Durant’s MVP case and helps Westbrook. It is arguable that he is better than Durantula. If he ever got a lethal jumper then he would be better than Kevin. Bar none. He is a legit MVP candidate. I’m figuring out where he is in the MVP race. Let’s use The NBA League MVP Criteria to determine that.

A) The Numbers – 47 games, 36.3 MPG, FG 0.434, 3PT 0.229, FT 0.852, STL 1.9, BLK 0.5, REB 5.2, AST 8.5, PTS 22.6, PER 24.0
His stats are better overall. PER is higher, too. Westbrook’s production probably wouldn’t look this good if he was the number one option since he benefits from Kevin Durant being the number one guy. There is less pressure on him. Ultimately, we do not know for certain since this is all hypothesis. That’s why I used the word, “probably.”

B) Team record – 31-17. 0.646 win percentage. 4th seed in Western Conference.
Both Durant and Westbrook are responsible for this. They should be higher. The prediction of being the number one team in the West before the season started was not a crazy thought. They are playing below expectations. This record hurts them both. That sucks.

C) Impact – We know what both guys are capable of doing. It’s the defense that is crippling them. They have the mindset to be good defenders, but the coaching staff is doing a terrible job of drilling that in their heads. Their game plan is bad, too. Russ has to increase defensive awareness and learn the importance of every possession. With that said, the team would not be this good without him. Then again, they should be better than this. Baffling.

So which one is better? I know that Russ does have a chance to be MVP. He is in the discussion. He reminds me of Pixar’s Toy Story 3. People thought that he wouldn’t be needed. Turns out, you need him a lot. How can he be better than KD? Remember, that he is still very raw. There is a lot untapped potential.

Out of 100 split up among 10 other MVP candidates – 5% chance of getting MVP at the end of the year. This is the same percentage I gave Durant. He doesn’t get the MVP if the race ended today.

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