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2011 MVP Race – How can Derrick Rose win MVP?

This kid and his fan base are going through the ultimate stages of trolling from other people right now. I really mean it. Derrick Rose has more haters than fans. You know what that means? Fear. He has a realistic shot in winning the damn thing. That scares people. Admit it; most of us who are in our late 20s – early 30s have never seen anything like this before. 22 years old. MVP? The hell?

Kevin Durant, in his 3rd season, finished second place in MVP voting. It wasn’t close since LeBron James won it in a landslide. Rightfully so, his numbers were amazing and the Cavaliers finished with the best record. That sounds about right. Durant finished second in his third season. Think about that for a few seconds. Durant finished second in his third season! It is possible that another 3rd year player can win it. Durant’s leap showed us that despite averaging 30.1 points. Enter Derrick Rose.

How can this kid be in many top 3 MVP lists? Why?

Before I revert back to The NBA League MVP Criteria, we have to examine Derrick Rose’s quantum leap into this race. When the season started, the Bulls were only expected to be a 4th seed in the East. Some people said fifth. The expectations were low. Some even thought that the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks were going to be better. Most people also expected Rose to average 22 points, 7 assists, and 4 rebounds. Those predictions were reasonable since he was coming off a season where he averaged 20.8 points, 6 assists, and 3.8 rebounds.

Rose can’t drive left. He does not have a jumper. He is a shooting guard. He is not a true point guard. Rose will not average 8+ assists per game. And Nicolas Batum of the Portland Trail Blazers recently said, “He can’t play defense.”

He has been proving the haters wrong with all that crap. Good for him. The hardcore fans call him “The Unicorn.” Instead, Rose is simply a f*$kin’ baller. No one expected him to be a top 3 candidate for the MVP crown at this point.

A) The Numbers – 50 games played, 38.0 MPG, 24.7 points, 4.4 rebounds, 8.2 assists, 1.0 STL, 0.7 BLK, 0.446 FG, 0.365 3PT, 0.830 FT
Rose made tremendous strides. He improved greatly in every facet especially with that jump shot proving that he can hit the three-ball, too. He is the only player right now to have these averages. I rather have him average a clean 25 points, 5 rebounds, and 8 assists if possible. Beggars can’t be choosers. Derrick can still reach this goal. He also leads all point guards in blocks. Dude bro. Dude.

B) Team record – 35-16. Currently 3rd in the East and 6th in the NBA.
The Bulls have been playing good, but they can be better. Remember that Rose has not been playing with Boozer for the first 2 months and Noah has been missing in action for the next 2. “Joakim Boozer” has been together for only 3 games. The 3rd spot in the NBA is a tight one between Lakers, Mavericks, and Bulls. Rose and company have to hold down the fort until Joakim Noah returns. The NBA’s 3rd spot is obtainable so stay tuned.

C) Impact – Derrick Rose is killing it. He faces constant double teams. Sometimes they triple team him. There hasn’t been anyone like that for the Bulls since Michael Jordan. Chicago is a lottery team without him. The team loses if he is having a bad night. That’s how much they depend on Rose. Critics will say that he’s inefficient. I agree. Then again, one can counter and claim that Rose is very productive. Nearly 25 points and 8.2 assists are great numbers. I’d like to point out that his PER is currently at 22.9. Steve Nash won the award with a PER of 22.0. Furthermore, Rose made Deron Williams look free recently.

Let’s get off “the Rose can’t play defense” train. That ride is over. Credits to Rob Mahoney.

Derrick Rose’s MVP climb reminds me of Tom Hooper’s The King’s Speech. You do not know how it got there, but it did seemingly out of nowhere. His play is MVP worthy yet leaves millions unsettled baffling in disbelief. Rose has 30% chance of getting the MVP trophy. If the race ended today, Rose loses because the team is not in the top 3 in the NBA even though they’re top 3 in the East. If team gets 55+ wins with Rose maintaining his stats, he locked up the MVP.


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