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$H*# just got real.

Here are the final five studs. You have to pick one because this list will not change. Take one, only one, and roll with him all the way to the finish line. Let’s hope that the MVP race is not effed up like LeBron’s Decision over the summer where insiders knew he was going to Miami all along. Game by game analysis is a horrible way to determine this. People should do a bi-weekly thing. One game at a time causes too much overreaction. Let the games add up, okay?

Updated percentages for the rest of the regular season (unless injuries occur)

Kobe Bryant– 12%
Kobe’s building block numbers are good, but do not stand out among the crowd. Lakers should be better not sitting as the sixth best record. He can easily over take LeBron if Lakers can step over the Heat in the standings.

LeBron James -13%
Here is the ultimate stat padder. No need to post the building block numbers. They’re great MVP caliber numbers although they are not impressive to shut down any argument from other candidates. They’re just not. How many times I have to write this? I’ve stated in the NBA League MVP Criteria that the building blocks form the foundation, but only tell 50% of the story. You need team record and impact to form the other 50. Did you think I was joking? Nope. LeBron is no longer in my top 3 because the Miami Heat is having a meltdown. He is part of the blame. That’s not an MVP frontrunner.

Dirk Nowitzki – 15%
Ho hum. He was the frontrunner during the first 2 months. He is not the same since coming back from injury. The team has a great record currently sitting at 44-16. That’s 2nd in the West and third in the NBA. Dirk’s building block numbers are just not impressive and he missed 9 games.

Dwight Howard – 20%
He has been coming on as of late. Howard is second in the league in blocks, rebounds, field goal percentage, and PER. He is the only reason why the Magic is third in defense efficiency and leads all centers in steals. He’s not the frontrunner despite all of this because of the huge trade involving Gilbert Arenas, Rashard Lewis, Marcin Gortat, Vince Carter, and Jason Richardson to get the Magic better. An MVP frontrunner does not need a huge trade during the season to surround him to get better. Do NOT ever forget that.

Derrick Rose – 40%
This 22 year old keeps stirring up the hate. The only knocks against him now is efficiency. Yes, I agree. He’s been shooting at least 35% from the field since the All Star break. That is terrible. The Bulls cannot be having melt downs like they did against the Atlanta Hawks either. 58 games played, 24.6 points, 8.2 assists, 4.4 rebounds, and 22.8 PER remain great numbers no matter what others say. The haters do not realize that if you keep mentioning Rose while dissecting every game over Twitter and article pieces then you’re helping him win the mindshare with voters. Ignore Rose if you don’t think, or feel, that he should be the MVP. It’s that simple. Why 40%? Because he’s been ranked number one consistently in the NBA’s main site and the other major sports site. He also anchored the Bulls in staying afloat with Boozer out the first 2 months and Noah in the next two. That counts a ton.

This is becoming the Dwight Howard versus Derrick Rose showdown. I thought it would be LeBron versus Rose, but I’m wrong. Rose still has the edge because no one expected him and the Bulls to be here fighting for the 2nd seed in the East and, perhaps, the 2nd spot in the entire NBA. Howard can easily take it away with his dominance, but the Magic has to keep winning.The other five candidates I’ve eliminated here. I redistributed the percentages to my own liking. Don’t like that? Too bad although I did explain why.

Pick out a guy out of the five and tell me why he’s MVP. Sound off. Be real.


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