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What do Chris Bosh and Charlie Sheen have in common?

Both are having historic meltdowns in grand fashion. Remember how Bosh treated the free agency in summer 2010 as some joke? Yeah, joke’s on him. The Toronto fan base wasn’t even trying. During the final two years in Toronto, Bosh should have said, “No comment.” That would have shut up any worries because there was nothing to talk about. Instead, he kept the question lingering because he did not really answer the question. His play left more questions, too.

Looking at Chris Bosh, as a ball player, is very disgusting and painful right now. The Miami Heat invested $110 million in a jump shooting, no defense, and no rebound power forward. He’s also mentally fragile. I’m not speaking in hind sight either. This was the common summarization of Chris Bosh’s game in Toronto. Remember when Toronto fans sometimes chanted MVP for him? That was flat out stupid. I tried to remain skeptical, but agreed with Vince Carter. Miami should have just kept Michael Beasley. They are one and the same, but Beasley was much more cost effective to keep.

No one pays $110 million for 18.2 points and 8.1 rebounds except for Miami. No, you rather get Allan Houston for that much.

Hey yo, I’m not forgetting that Chris Bosh won the Oscar for his flop against Carlos Boozer. Perhaps that is what $110 million gets you.

Can he recover from the 1-18 performance against the Chicago Bulls? Nada. Not with Wade and Bron there. Chris will not get many opportunities to do that. He has been exposed. Play the guy for his jukes and jump shot. Don’t worry about his post game since he barely has one. Expect him to fold up like a lawn chair when Miami is on nationally televised games. You knew something was up with the recent comments. He just wanted to chill? He also criticized Chicago Bulls’ Omer Asik for fighting too hard over a loose ball. Bosh said that out of anger because he got injured from that. The mentality remains. Is this real life, Chris?

Each of the South Beach trio is getting $hi*#%#d on right now and rightfully so. The free agency of 2010 was complete bull and many organizations were f*$%ed over. Things added up and they have to pay a hefty price somewhere. It’s time to pay the piper. It is what it is. Everything is going to be magnified. Get used to the heat. Pun intended.

No one should have any pity because he’s getting $110 million. With that type of money, I would drive an Aston Martin DBS V12 down Hollywood getting my shine on and calling people out on their faux luxury rides. I would not even give a damn. I’d also eat at an expensive restaurant somewhere in Miami with my crew. I pay the bill, flash stacks of hundreds, and end up not tipping claiming that the man screwed me over. Feel my pain. I would also hide in the bushes and come out of nowhere to reject people’s shots at the courts. I’d scream like I won the title.

You have to admit that the meltdown, much like Charlie Sheen, makes for great entertaining television. At least people are making Sheen as some kind of martyr. What does Bosh have?

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