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Why LeBron James will not win MVP. Ever again.

I come in peace, but I’ll talk about this. This has to be addressed. Welcome to LeBron’s new nightmare. The Miami Heat is getting $hi#$ed on by the full media blitz. It’s not over. It’s never going to be over with the public onslaught. There is more to come, but no one has mentioned this particular item. I write this with full sincerity – LBJ will not win MVP ever again. This is a bold claim, but there are many reasons to see why.

There is no sympathy in this game for anyone. The 2010-2011 MVP Race has been exciting, but many things are realized for noobs and seasoned vets following basketball. Someone noted that if any writer, who has covered the NBA for 10+ years, reveals how they vote then they should have their voting privileges revoked. That’s stupid. Why? Most of them are not stupid even though some of their logic is suspect. Remember that every voter is human, which means that there will always be bias. We’re fans of certain teams and players; every single one of us.

That’s why LeBron James will not win league MVP ever again because of the bias. And hate. This is another negative effect from The Decision.

Here are the reasons why James can’t get it ever again:

3) The Decision
I know you guys moved on from this, but this will always come back to haunt him. The show created more hate and criticism, plain and simple. Trust me. It did. I’m calling the pool of 124 media members voting as the NBA MVP Academy. Yes, they are not robots. They’re humans with emotions and bias. Some of them will have hatred. So sad, too bad. They’re only human. When he left Cleveland, It’s another way of LeBron telling the world, “I choose the easy way out.” The Academy doesn’t like that.

2) The rise of Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, and LaMarcus Aldridge
These young guns will dominate MVP voting for years.  Sprinkle in Melo/Amar’e and a healthy Chris Paul; the path to MVP gets harder. Blake Griffin and Kevin Love can get in there as long as their teams become immensely better.

1) Dwyane Wade
This guy will always be standing in the way between the door to MVP and LeBron. Wade is a top 5 player along with James. This is the problem. They cannibalize each other meaning that they steal each other’s votes. They also get similar statistics. They’re not head and shoulders above each other either. You can’t even tell who the absolute better player is and they’re still figuring out who should be the alpha dog during crunch time. 

There are only two ways for James to get the award. One condition is Wade has to be injured for the majority of the season. LBJ has to lift the team to the number two seed in the NBA and carry Chris Bosh to a new hair stylist. The second condition is averaging a triple double. The team still has to be a top 3 team. Wake me up when that happens. Don’t hold your breath though. I’m not knocking LeBron. I’m just telling you what it is. If you were a betting person, don’t bet on James winning the award ever again. I’d rather bet on a different horse.


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