Thursday , Mar , 24 , 2011 J.N.

Where the bodies are buried

Someone has been watching too much Godfather or Sopranos. Supposedly David Stern said the infamous “I know where the bodies are buried” somewhere during All Star weekend. Whoever reported this better be sure that this really happened. What did he mean? I know where bodies are buried, too. They’re usually in a cemetery, but what did Stern mean in his context? Derrick Rose was shocked enough to be quoted. Somebody tell me because Stern is trying to replicate Vito Corleone.

Where are they, Stern? I’d like to know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried along with Amelia Earhart. Does he know who killed 2Pac and Biggie? I bet he does. Who killed the Lindbergh Baby? Did Atlantis truly exist? Answer up.

Since this quote came up, people are now bringing back the infamous 1985 NBA Draft where supposedly Stern fixed it to give the New York Knicks the center from Georgetown, Patrick Ewing. The Knicks did not win any championship, fixed or not. It did not matter. This quote brings a lot of things to light that will never be answered, but wondered until the end of time.

Tim Donaghy, corrupt refs, Stan Van Gundy’s disappearance (dictator comment), targeting Yao Ming for foul calls, and Game 6 of 2002 Western Conference Finals were already bad. The comment, if true, is detrimental. People have complained for years that the NBA product has declined. It’s true. The quality of the game did decline according to television ratings compared to the Jordan era. Are these some of the dead bodies that Stern was alluding to? Who knows. Who cares, right? He was probably referring more to Billy Hunter and the NBA Players Association with the impending lockout.

Now we hear Billy Hunter killing rats with his gun.

The NBA lockout will happen. It’s bad for NBA fans everywhere. Anyone following the league should have raised red flags when Stan Van Gundy likened the commissioner to a dictator. Stern blasted back with, “I would render a guess … that we won’t be hearing from him for the rest of the season.” That was gangsta! The old man threw down. I was waiting for him to say, “You’re f*&k#$g with me? You’re f*%&ing with the best!”

What did he end up doing? Was it just a talk or some kind of blackmail? Conspiracy theorists need to come in here. I can hear Stern saying to his minions, “I made him an offer that he couldn’t refuse.”

Some people want him gone. Some even say that it’s past his time. Maybe they are wrong. Maybe they are right. Listen, I know Stern was using a metaphor. He knows everything that goes on in the NBA. He knows some dirt such as drug use, hookers, STDs, free agency dealings, and such. Use your imagination. This looks like leverage used on secret texts. Who knows, but I have bodies of my own.
1) Players hanging on rims after dunking.
2) Taunting.
3) Getting emotional after calls.
4) Hand check.

Why did the NBA get rid of them? This is what made the game raw. We need those dead bodies back. Anyways, the lockout is guaranteed after that comment. Get ready for a long offseason. As you read this, I’m already dead. Ruh roh. I hear someone knocking at my door.

Was David Stern right?


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