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6-4 Guards and under will always have a hard time getting NBA MVP.

I thought I was done talking about Derrick Rose’s MVP candidacy. No, really. I thought I was finished. I can’t wait until the ordeal is over. I explored why people truly despise the kid as one of the best in this article noting that. I understand the hate even when the reasons are illogical. People have to start giving the kid his earned props. He doesn’t deserve it. Instead, Rose earned it. He is showing us that hard work pays off.

Someone wrote, “Looking at wins is just a shortsighted way of gauging the MVP.”

LULZ. Serious? Where do I start? Everyone has to have a starting point to gauge the most valuable player. Where is the starting point? The wins and losses. That’s definitely where you start. It’s usually posted in newspapers. You heard of those things, right? People probably still drop it on your driveway. If not, the media usually talk about the standings on television. Look at the top 3 seeds from each conference. Look at the roster. Look at who has the best building block numbers on that particular roster. Boom! Easy. Simple. Done.

So what’s the problem? 

“But, but, but the advanced statistics say…”
Oh right. That is cool. Nice. But is that player leading his team to more wins? Where is his team seeded?
“Well his win share is at x value, true shooting percentage is at 60 percent, and his +/- is at y value.”
Great! Super! But that’s not what I asked you. What’s the seeding?
“His team is the 8th best record in the NBA.”
Then he’s not the MVP. Try again later. End of discussion. Nice stats, though.
“But he’s so big and long…”
“And he blocks shots, rebounds a lot, dunks on people, and dominates on defense!”

I bring this up because the Dwight Howard versus Derrick Rose MVP battle stands out too much. I’ve already outlined the truth in my previous article here. Now, I have to get to the crux of the situation. This is it – People will scrutinize a point guard, or anyone who is 6-4 and under regarding the league’s most valuable player. Laugh it up. I am because it’s hilarious seeing this within the past decade. People hate short people doing big things. Yes, barely anyone has said this. You might think this is ridiculous. I’m here to that this is true.

All you have to do to prove my thought is look back at history. Look back at the past MVP award winners.

The award is mostly comprised of centers and forwards. Allen Iverson and Steve Nash were verbally bashed, but not to the extent that Derrick Rose is receiving. The explosion of social media such as Twitter, blogs, and Facebook are huge outlets for a vocal minority dissatisfied with Rose’s buzz. The vocal minority usually complains the loudest and this is exactly what is happening. Text book.

When a little guy is against a big guy, the big guy should beat him easily. When that doesn’t happen, people will find ways to tear down the little guy such as using advanced metrics to paint a bad picture.  


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