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Imagine Dwight Howard leaving the Orlando Magic

This is scary for the Orlando Magic organization. Some diehard Magic fans are already discussing this. Don’t write this off by saying, “No. He’s not going anywhere.” General manager Otis Smith has made bad moves leading the team to regress. This does not look good. The trade at the deadline was desperation, wasn’t it? I have to pull a John Lennon and try to imagine a scenario where Howard leaves. As I thought about it, the chances of this actually happening increased. Wow.

Let’s explore the obstacles for him not to stay.

  • Jameer Nelson is not a pass first point guard. Howard needs this to succeed because he needs more touches and scoring opportunities.
  • Gilbert Arenas is trash. The bearded dude doesn’t even give a damn anymore.
  • The team is in cap hell. There is little to no flexibility to make moves.
  • Free agents will not want to come to Orlando because of lack of money.
  • The roster is old except for Brandon Bass, JJ Redick, and Ryan Anderson. This is pathetic. They do not have much potential either.  
  • Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls are in the way from Howard getting to the Finals. Yes, other teams try to get better with each season.
  • Howard’s teammates cannot win enough to get him league MVPs.  They easily become the scapegoats for his frustration. Want to get away?
  • Stan Van Gundy was capped off by David Stern. Ron Jeremy’s brother cannot mouth off recklessly. Well, he can. Just do not talk bad about the dictator.
  • Team up with Deron Williams in New Jersey/Brooklyn. Brook Lopez would be available for trade.

Reasons why he might stay –

  • Disneyworld – Mickey Mouse and company can be very persuasive. It’s not Disneyland. It’s a whole world out there.
  • Beaches
  • New arena – After awhile, this only matter to fans and management.
  • David Stern hands over Chris Paul to Orlando. This can happen. The glorious dictator can gift wrap anything.
  • Try to get Steve Nash if all else fails.

The Orlando Magic once reached the Finals. Then they got to the Eastern Conference Finals. Now, the team looks like second round fodder. Orlando fans are confident that he is staying. Cleveland fans were confident once about LeBron, too. Don’t get so cocky. If you do not win and do not show any potential of winning in the future, superstars leave in this era. That’s how it is. The Utah Jazz was not so cocky and traded Deron Williams quick style. That is how it should be done. Otis Smith recently said that he will not trade Dwight Howard. Why mention this? Odd timing. Why even say anything? “No comment” would have sufficed.

Here is one ultimate way to prevent D-12 from leaving: The new CBA has a franchise player tag.

Yes. Force him to stay. Smith is making Howard look like the bad guy with that no trade comment if Howard leaves. Trade offers will come streaming in and he is going to say “no” to all of them? Wow. Not even some consideration on some of the offers? What is Otis Smith doing?


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