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Biggest Surprises and Fails for 2010-2011

The season is almost over. It is time to look back and reflect on the positives and negatives. The hype before tip-off was through the roof. There was a lot of anticipation on new rivalries and storylines to be played out. Will the South Beach trio work out? How will Blake Griffin play? Is Steve Nash’s window closed? Are the Lakers still the team to beat? Kevin Durant got the MVP? The Chicago Bulls are 4th seeders, right?

This season has been more fun to follow than the past 4 years because of many back stories setting up for huge disappointment or success.


  • David Lee has been bad for the Golden State Warriors. This could go under disappointment, too. I was surprised because they run a similar style offense just like the New York Knicks. I thought he get similar numbers that he got under Mike D’Antoni. Lee is officially known as an inflated stat padder.
  • The San Antonio Spurs dropped 6 consecutive games.
  • The Miami Heat dropped 5 consecutive games and ended up crying in the locker room.
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder underperformed.
  • Kevin Durant is not the frontrunner for MVP. He did not crack top 3. Color me shocked.
  • Kevin Love eats up double-doubles.
  • Russell Westbrook improves dramatically.
  • Deron Williams was traded unexpectedly with Jerry Sloan resigning unexpectedly before the trade.
  • Derrick Rose leaped into the elite.
  • Chicago Bulls is number one in the East.


  • Danny Ainge trades away Kendrick Perkins.
  • The Carmelo Anthony-Amar’e duo in New York City is not working out.
  • Brandon Roy disappears into the night to become a solid bench guy.
  • No one fears the deer. Scott Skiles needs to become an assistant after Milwaukee fires him.
  • Chris Paul does not look like the league’s best point guard.
  • Steve Nash divorce rumors. Who is really the baby daddy, Nash? Interesting stuff.
  • Gilbert Arenas growing a beard for no reason and got served court papers during half time. Funny.
  • Anyone losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
  • Pau Gasol is still soft.
  • LeBron James ducks pregame introductions.
  • The dunk contest became prop fest.
  • The ongoing NBA MVP debates. This got ugly real fast. I am disappoint, son. The debates ended up with a lot of rehashes, not reading thoroughly, and going around in circles. Ugly stuff.

The biggest fail for me was definitely the MVP debates. People loved to beat around the bush and use your words against yourself. This is blatantly obvious in all message boards. Dudes became too emotional writing essays when they should put that effort in to college papers.

The biggest surprises were the San Antonio Spurs being the clear cut number one team in the NBA record wise for awhile. Then they dropped 6 straight games. They appear suspect. Finally, the Chicago Bulls rising to be the East’s number one squad. They can end up with the NBA’s top spot if things keep going this way.  

What are your biggest surprises and disappointments this season before the lockout takes over? Sound off below or email me at [email protected]


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