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Derrick Rose. The 2010-2011 MVP. Haters welcomed!

Derrick Rose is officially the youngest NBA MVP for anyone living in a cave kicking it with John Rambo. He earned it at 22 years old. Leading the team to the number one record is a tall order for anyone. The 2010-2011 season is historic mainly because of this. Basketball fans witnessed something amazing that we will not see again from any 22 year old NBA player. It was fun to see all of the games on DirecTV. Chicago’s offense and the opposing team’s defensive game plans truly revolved around the Poohdini of the Hardwood.

The kid led the team to 62 wins with Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah missing 57 games combined, which is remarkable considering that teams were focused on stopping Rose and ignoring everyone else. Derrick Rose was becoming a choke artist at the line. Then he proved people wrong by improving his free throw conversion rate during the season. He got better at drawing fouls and dramatically improved his three point stroke. This helped boost efficiency, which was a major complaint among certain people. Rose just was not an efficient scorer. That is correct, but he got better as the season went on.

The addition of the three point shot is an undiscovered toy found underneath the Christmas tree. He still has trouble balancing his inside-out game.  With that, Rose averaged 25 points, 4.1 rebounds, and 7.7 assists while leading all point guards in blocks. He was top 10 in scoring and assists showing us that he was the only player this season to do that. His three point average soared to 33.2%.

The kid put in the work and earned it. He did not deserve anything. Rose played through two ulcers and numerous other injuries to help compile the league leading 62 wins.

He showed the basketball world that Rajon Rondo cannot guard him averaging 26 points in 4 games against Boston. He led the Bulls to sweep Miami, beat Deron Williams and Chris Paul, and gave San Antonio their 10th loss by lighting them up for 42 points on national television. Rose made Tyreke Evans lost in a land of confusion with that crossover.

What else is there to say? Rose earned it. He is the Chicago Bulls’ MVP since Michael Jordan.

No player wanted to sign with the Chicago Bulls because of Michael Jordan’s shadow. It was either that or the organization’s forced breakup of the Jordan/Pippen/P.Jax dynasty. Kobe, LeBron, Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Chris Bosh, Tracy McGrady, Dwyane Wade, and others did sign when given the chance. It took a drafted player to create his own shadow.

Derrick Rose is showing us that chasing Jordan is stupid. He’s creating his own legacy instead. That’s the way to do it. He gets it.

Respect to Chicago’s 2010-2011 youngest NBA MVP. To be fair, here are comments from anonymous fans around the league –

  • Not really a fan, but congrats anyway for the award
  • Congratulations Rose
  • Congrats, I guess. But while a great player, I haven’t seen anything from him this season, either individually & especially from a team value standpoint, where I find his MVP justified.
  • Yay finally takes it away from lebrick. go SGs
  • DerBrick takes it away from LeBrick.
  • Is he the most valuable player to his team? Probably not.
  • Worst MVP in decades.

It is interesting that Derrick Rose is a prophet. He boldly claimed that he wanted to be MVP of the league before the season started. People laughed. He got it done. More respect on executing the plan. Not many can back up what they say. Great stuff. Video credit to CSNChicago.

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