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Miami Heat making NBA playoffs look too easy. Who can stop them?

Everything is set up perfectly for the Heatles to win it all. They made quick work of the Philadelphia Sixers. The Boston Celtics are falling down all over the place trying to guard LeBron and Wade. Their opponent in the Eastern Conference Finals will probably be quick work, too. This is what LeBron, Wade, and Bosh wanted. This is reality. They are making the 2011 playoffs look like an exhibition. It’s like that?  

What team can stop them? Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are a matchup nightmare. The haters across the Internet have become quiet and went back into hiding. Before the playoffs started, choosing the Miami Heat to go all the way to the NBA Finals was the logical thing to do since they have the two best playoff performers according to PER – LeBron with 28.5 and Wade 29.1. LeBron’s career player PER is 27.2 and Wade is 24.5. How do you stop these guys?

There is no strategy to beat them since these two superstars seen it all. There is only one way to neutralize the Heatles – play hardnosed defense. That is all.

Are you laughing? Well, stop laughing. The Sixers were definitely first round fodder. Their defense wasn’t good to begin with. The current Boston Celtics are getting prepared for the trash man to collect. The green squad looks old. Do not be surprised when the Heat steals one from Boston on their home floor. They’re looking sharp. Once Bosh, Wade, and LeBron are all clicking with some bull thrown in from a fourth player, it is lights out. They are unbeatable.

The regular season was just mere meaningless drama for the media to create stories. Yes, there were some chemistry issues and melt downs, but they had to go through it to learn each other. After all, the Miami Heat was built for the playoffs. These guys know it. We know it. They’re making that come to fruition right now. They are up 2-0 against Boston. They are doing what they’re supposed to do and that is to protect home court.

The Boston faithful claim that their team is demoralized, not old. Hey, Celtic fan – look man. Are you guys truly guaranteeing that your Celtics will take game 3 and 4? That is some good talk. Why make a claim like that against any opponent? Just keep it moving. Do not cry about the officials. They are not the ones holding you back.

Ray Allen was crap in game 2 going 2-7 from the field. Glen Davis brought junk. Jermaine O’Neal looks useless. Shaq will not save the day. Paul Pierce is too busy trying to get with Wade’s mother. Kevin Garnett has to channel the inner 2003 KG from somewhere. Rajon Rondo is still trying to get up off the floor after LeBron put him down and dunked his soul. The only thing that can save the Boston Celtics is effort on the defensive end. And probably Twitter.

I don’t know if his account was hacked or this was photoshopped. Who knows.

Doc Rivers better come up with something because they’re looking like a hot mess right now. What can stop them from winning a title? They’re making it look too easy.


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