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Farewell 1990s Basketball.

Tough to hear, but it is time. The stars, for anyone 26 years or older, drafted from the 1990s are fading away. Let’s use the present to say our goodbyes.   Father time usually corresponds with age and decline in play. This is it. We have been following these guys since middle school. Some of you guys must have been following them since elementary days. Do not feel old. Age is merely a number. Longevity in anything is actually a state of mind, but not in sports. For anyone living under a rock, Macho Man just died. With that said, let’s appreciate these players while they are still alive.

What do you say? I can only think of "Good bye. Nice knowing you." This generation is being ushered out right now. Reminiscing like Pete Rock and CL Smooth is a pain because I like to focus on the present and future, but we have to take time out to recall some history. People like to argue who was the best from the 1990s. This issue has been debated to death. No more debating. We should say goodbye instead. All of them are leaving.

Shaquille O’Neal should have retired three years ago.  He was drafted in 1993 with Alonzo Mourning. Young Shaq was a freakish terror – 3x scarier than current Dwight Howard. The late great Chuck Daly once said that he has force like the Terminator. No one says that about Howard. No need to rattle off statistics. The man is a 4 time champion.

Kobe Bryant is a scoring juggernaut. Mister 81 is a 5x time champion, three with Shaq. On some nights, he looks more unstoppable than Michael Jordan. He has his fair share of criticism such as ball hogging, quitting, and chucking. Despite that, he is a one-time league MVP and career 25 point scorer.

Jason Kidd is not dead yet, but he is on his way out. No league MVPs, no titles, but the man led the New Jersey Nets to back to back Finals appearances during his prime. He was a serious defender and triple double machine. A lot of the young point guards look up to him. Let’s see if he can get the Finals one more time with Dallas.

The new generation has Derrick Rose’s stoic look, but Tim Duncan was the 1990s ultimate stone face. The Fundamental Robot is a 3 time league MVP and 4 time champion. He does all the little things right including defense. He is the cornerstone of the Spurs dynasty.

Allen Iverson had the most style. You kids love to use “swag.” I hate that overused word. He’s a league MVP who did not care for practice. The Answer led the Sixers to the Finals against Shaq’s Lakers in 2001.

Kevin Garnett loves to go after weak players. He’s the 2003 league MVP, got a title with Boston in 2008, and 2008 Defensive Player of the Year. He is more known for his F bombs than anything. He once called Charlie Villanueva a “cancer patient” because Villanueva is hairless. Yes, KG went too far. The Big Ticket should have just said something about lack of eyebrows.

My man Hubie Brown butchered the word "athleticism." LOL.

Paul Pierce got a ring with KG. He was also stabbed multiple times.

Ray Allen got a ring with KG and Paul Pierce. He can shoot lights out owning the all time three point field goals made record doing right in front of Reggie Miller. Take that, Reggie.

Vince Carter became Wince Carter. Known for his explosive dunks, his career ended when he was traded from New Jersey. His dunks were sick.

Tracy McGrady became cancer. T-Mac’s ultimate embarrassment was talking about how he felt great seeing the second round before his playoff series against Detroit was over. He was humbled and eliminated shortly thereafter remaining The Second Round Virgin.

Steve Nash robbed the NBA of two league MVPs in the ultimate heist. With that said, he should have been the star in Christopher Nolan’s Inception. He woke up, realized he was white, and then went into everyone’s minds to implant the idea that he is the most valuable player. Twice. Damn you Nash. Damn you.

Grant Hill is still doing his thing.

Dirk Nowitzki is known as Dirk Diggler. I don’t know why he was nicknamed after Boogie Nights, but he loves David Hasselhoff more. He is the most efficient shooter out of this group. Let’s see if that equates to a title with Jason Kidd.

Win or lose, good bye fellas. It was nice growing up watching these stars perform.




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