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The 2000 NBA Draft is the worst of all time.

It’s arguable to determine the greatest draft of all time with help from great pieces written by Paul Eide. Personally, the 1984 draft had the best first round of all time: Michael Jordan, Hakeem Olajuwon, John Stockton, Charles Barkley, Alvin Robertson, Michael Cage, Otis Thorpe, Kevin Willis, Sam Perkins, and Jerome Kersey. That is 4 top 50 all time NBA players, 9 rings, 7 league MVP trophies, 8 Finals MVP trophies, 4 Defensive Player of the Year awards, 2 quadruple doubles, and 23 All NBA First Team selections. 

What about the worst? That used to be the award given to the 1986 draft, but Dennis Rodman and Mark Price changed all that. 

The 2000 draft is the undisputed worst. If it’s not, it should be. The draft had only 3 All Star selections – Kenyon Martin, Jamaal Magloire, and Michael Redd. Each made it only once and that all came together at the 2004 NBA All Star game where they played for the Eastern Conference squad. Michael Redd also made the All NBA third team that year. That’s it. 
Most of the players were bad besides those three. The team that suffered the most in this terrible draft was the Chicago Bulls. They had 6 picks; 3 in the first round. Only one person turned out okay and that is Jamal Crawford, who is a fine sixth man. Everybody else they selected turned out bad. Jerry Krause thought he was smart to try to fix a franchise in one draft. He tried to do it and that did not work. 
Eddie House won a ring with the Boston Celtics as a straight up shot jacker off the bench so not all is lost. 
K-Mart, in any other draft, would not sniff the first pick. He probably wouldn’t even make it within the first top 3. He owes Jason Kidd a lot for helping him make that lone 2004 All Star selection. Michael Redd is actually the best player out of this debacle and he’s not even a franchise player. He’s not even a perennial All Star. Every other team in this draft lost. All the scouting and research in the world couldn’t help avoid this 2K problem. 
The NBA lockout should have taken place in 2000. 
The Golden State Warriors’ fan base had a fascination with Chris Porter’s hair. You knew that Chris Porter was in trouble with all that hype. Khalid El-Amin was being toyed with in the 2001 Rookie challenge game by Steve Francis. It was just an exhibition game and Khalid was definitely trying to defend. 
The media try to paint a rosy picture of every draft. Every pick is a good selection or something. No one wants to say if a certain player will be a bust or not live up to expectations because no one wants to get bashed or have their name attached to the statement. When an analyst says that a certain player has gobs of potential and fails then that analyst will get scrutinized, too. It goes both ways. 
The bright side is drafts are rarely this terrible. There is usually a bright spot somewhere to balance things out. However in this draft, there were not any bright spots. Who was the good one respective to where they were drafted? No one. 
I hope the 2011 draft class does not turn out this way. 
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