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Can Derrick Rose repeat MVP?

The big network has already raised the question and shot it down without much debate. Can Derrick Rose repeat as the league MVP in the new season after the lockout? Can the kid become the third point guard to do it? How? News flash – He earned the 2010-2011 MVP when everyone wrote him off. You guys are writing him off again? I get it. The 2011 playoffs were bad for him during the fourth quarter. He didn’t choke. Rose just did not shoot well.

The latest Adidas commercial show Rose walking around talking about 9.8, which is the weight of the shoe. People joke around saying that the number actually is his shooting percentage in the 4th quarter. It’s true. He sucks in that area and needs to improve. That is the thing that will play in voters’ minds for next season when they evaluate the MVP. They shouldn’t be doing that because that was in the playoffs and it was last season, but they will for stupid reasons such as bias. 

Did Rose get the best statistics when he won it? Nope. Of course not, but let’s not pretend his numbers were anything to laugh about. You guys need to realize that Rose led the NBA in team’s points scored and assisted according to the percentage. He also became the third player in nearly 40 years accumulating 2000+ points and 600+ assists; Jordan and LeBron only did that once.     
But we’re going to choose to ignore that, right? 
Did Rose get MVP because of having the best story? Yep. Hell yes. 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with that because there are too many games to catch for one person. One game is about 3 hours. There are 82 games per team. There are multiple games on at the same time almost every day. There is only 24 hours in one day. People need about 8 hours of sleep.  We also need about 8-10 hours for work and some time set aside to do other things. 
Add it up. It makes sense logically – a player needs buzz to gain MVP attention. That’s just how it is. Word of mouth goes a long way. 
Will Rose repeat as MVP? I don’t know. We don’t know. 
The real question is “Can Rose repeat? How?” 
Yes, he can do it again. Rose and the Bulls need to fulfill the NBA MVP criteria, but with improvements in his numbers and efficiency. That’s it. If Chicago can remain the number one team again then Rose will repeat. Simple stuff. 
27 points/4.3 rebounds/8.1 assists/ and 64 wins will lock that shit up. 
There are other candidates as usual – Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Chris Paul, Dwyane Wade, and Kobe Bryant. 
Let’s eliminate Kobe Bryant right now since I do not see the Los Angeles Lakers finishing top 3 next season. They’re not going to play him mega minutes all year long. They need to preserve his precious knees for the playoffs. 
Let’s not write off Derrick Rose. We learned last year. If he gets injured for a good amount of games then he will not get anything. Again, it’s not a matter of “will.” It’s actually a matter of “can.” Yep, he can. 
Can he? 
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