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Iverson vs. Jordan vs. Kobe. Vol. Dat 40 streak

The NFL lockout is over. If you’re an NBA fan, sucks to be one right now. If you’re also an NFL fan, it’s a great time. Right now, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, and Kobe Bryant are hamming it up in the Phillippines. The highlights of their All Star game are up on Youtube. The quality is bad since the broadcast was on a stream, but you get the gist of it. Did Kobe travel on that lob pass to Rose? Yep, he sure did. Who cares though. I didn’t.

Watching Kobe play for a bit made me think about “Frobe.” When Kobe was young and rocked an afro. Back in the early 2000s, he was scoring all over the place not giving a damn about passing the ball. There was a time where he scored 50+ points in 4 straight games. That was redic. There was also another time where he scored 40+ points in nine straight games.
That’s the one I zeroed in on especially during this boring lockout. Kobe was mad possessed that entire month playing with Shaq. Wow. Unbelievable. I also started thinking about Allen Iverson’s rookie streak of 40+ point games in five straight games. That was unreal. Then Michael Jordan entered the fray with his nine game streak of 40+ point games in 1986-1987. This begs the question – Which streak was more impressive?
I remember watching Kobe’s and Allen Iverson’s, but not Michael Jordan’s streak. I scoured Youtube. I came away impressed. All three made spectacular moves, jaw dropping shots, and got to the line a lot. In short, they were highlight reels. So who had the more impressive streak?
This is where we have to look at the numbers and situations.
Kobe Bryant

  • 2/6/2003 versus New York Knicks: 46 Points (Won)
  • 2/11/2003 versus Denver Nuggets: 42 points (Won)
  • 2/12/2003 versus Denver Nuggets: 51 points (Won)
  • 2/14/2003 versus San Antonio Spurs: 44 points (Lost)
  • 2/16/2003 versus New York Knicks: 40 points (Lost – Allan Houston also lit Lakers up for 53 points)
  • 2/18/2003 versus Houston Rockets: 52 points (Lost)
  • 2/19/2003 versus Utah Jazz: 40 Points (Won)
  • 2/21/2003 versus Portland Trail Blazers: 40 Points (Won)
  • 2/23/2003 versus Seattle Supersonics: 41 points (Won)
Win-lose: 6-3
Allen Iverson

  • 4/7/1994 versus Chicago Bulls: 44 points (Lost)
  • 4/9/1997 versus Atlanta Hawks: 40 points (Lost)
  • 4/11/1997 versus Milwaukee Bucks: 44 points (Lost)
  • 4/12/1997 versus Cleveland Cavaliers: 50 points (Lost)
  • 4/14/1997 versus Washington Bullets: 40 points (Lost)
Win-lose: 0-5
Michael Jordan
  • 11/28/1986 versus Los Angeles Lakers: 41 points (Lost – Against Prime Magic Johnson)
  • 11/29/1986 versus Golden State Warriors: 40 points (Lost)
  • 12/2/1986 versus Seattle Supersonics: 40 points (Lost)
  • 12/3/1986 versus Utah Jazz: 45 points (Lost)
  • 12/5/1986 versus Phoenix Suns: 43 points (Lost)
  • 12/6/1986 versus San Antonio Spurs: 43 points (Lost)
  • 12/9/1986 versus Denver Nuggets: 40 points (Won)
  • 12/10/1986 versus Atlanta Hawks: 41 points (Lost)
  • 12/12/1986 versus Milwaukee Bucks: 41 points (Won)
Win-lose: 2-7
The team record is purely based on team performance. The team has to win it. Kobe is the winner in that department since he was playing with Shaquille O’Neal and the Lakers were better overall than 1996-1997 Iverson’s squad and 1986-1987 Jordan’s Bulls. I’m not making excuses – those are facts.
To determine who was better during their respective zones, stick purely on individual numbers such as shooting percentage, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and turnovers.  
Kobe – 0.505 FG%, 44 points, 5.2 rebounds, 3.4 assists, 2.6 stls, 0.9 blks, 3.6 turnovers
Iverson – 0.51 FG%, 43.6 points,4.6 rebounds, 7.4 assists, 1.8 stls, 0.2 blks, 5.8 turnovers
Jordan – 0.50 FG%, 41.6 points, 5.7 rebounds, 4 assists, 2.9 stls, 1.6 blks, 2.4 turnovers
Interesting notes  
  • Jordan took only six 3 three pointers during the nine games. He didn’t make any.
  • Allen Iverson was just a rookie.
  • Kobe’s assist total was negated by his turnover average. His steals average didn’t make up for it.
  • Jordan did most of his damage on the road – 8 games away.
  • Iverson turned over the ball too much.
  • Kobe had two 50 point games during the stretch.
  • Jordan did not have any 50 point games during this time, but he went on two more scoring streaks that same season – five straight 40+ point games and three straight 50+ point games. Also during the streak, Jordan faced 4 teams that were in the top 10 in defensive team ratings. 
  • Iverson had the highest assists average.
Kobe had the better scoring games. Jordan had the better overall numbers. Iverson had the highest field goal percentage and assist total. So which one was more impressive? Choose whoever, but I realized one thing – only one player in each decade (within the last 30 years) will have great notable scoring streaks(Jordan 1980s, Iverson 1990s, Kobe 2000s).
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