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2003 NBA Draft class: Most Overrated?

This is the truth right now; the 2003 NBA Draft class is shaping up to be the most overrated draft class of all time. It’s been 8 years going until the 9th year for the group yet only one superstar won a ring (Dwyane Wade), the other rode the coat tails of the big three  to get one (Kendrick Perkins), and the last one got a ring for doing nothing (Darko). These guys had a lot of hype leading up to the draft especially LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. 4 years into their careers and people were claiming that they had the potential to be the best class ever surpassing the God-like 1984 class and 1996 class. 

2003 will not pass 1984 or 1996 any time soon. There is a piece which covers the group with the highlight being Donnie Darko. Let’s hope a documentary is made chronicling Darko’s ultimate decision to dye his hair blonde. What was the inspiration? Eminem? Jason Kidd? Australians? Or was it a statement about riding the bench? Whatever it was, he did it and still didn’t get more playing time. The hair was more of a silent cry within about being held down. He was ahead of his time being all misunderstood. Meh. Whatever though.

Back on topic, people were heard whispering during the draft, “How many rings?” You serious, B?

I’m not mad at y’all. When we first saw LeBron, the first reaction was “Wow.” How can any kid be this good? He led the Cavaliers to the NBA Finals at a young age and became a back to back league MVP quickly while amassing super numbers. Then DeLonte West arrived. The elbow excuse. The Decision. The choking. Then the “My life is better than yours” sentiment.

Dwyane Wade is the only saving grace: won NBA Finals MVP and one title while putting in serious work in the playoffs.

As for the others

  • Chris Kaman – Injuries.
  • T.J. Ford – Neck injuries.
  • Kirk Hinrich – Fell off.
  • Carmelo Anthony – Hasn’t done anything, but complained to get to New York.
  • Chris Bosh – Shaquille O’Neal dismissed him.
  • Michael Sweetney – fat. Out of the league.
  • David West – Solid. That’s it.
  • Nick Collison – Meh.
  • Mickael Pietrus – Fans really believed that he was the international version of Michael Jordan. Damn.
  • Leandro Barbosa – just another combo guard.
  • Boris Diaw – Fans are still complaining that he’s not aggressive.
  • Mo Williams – One time All Star who is still bitter about LeBron
  • Josh Howard – Injuries
  • Carlos Delfino – Solid, but forgettable.

The premature hype was just hype. It was warranted, but they did not earn it. The class is truly shaping up to be the “Just Hype” crew. With this much stacked talent, you’d think they have more than 5 rings right now and counting. I am not sure if they will even surpass the 3 ring count. We’ll see. I am going to give them 3 more years. If Wade, James, Bosh, and Carmelo cannot add more championships then 2003 class will go down as the most overrated of all time.

This is interesting to note – Only four guys remain with their teams that originally drafted them: Walton (Los Angeles Lakers), Kaman (LA Clippers), Wade (Miami Heat), and West (New Orleans Hornets). Jose Calderon is still with the Toronto Raptors, but he was undrafted.

Currently, are these guys even worth the trouble?


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