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Disrespectful Moments in NBA History vol.2

This has to be said. The Brawl at the Palace was not disrespect. It was stupid violence, plain and simple. The incident was definitely pure stupidity by the fans and players. Disrespect on the court is usually one on one after a play or trolling someone. In my first piece, the disrespect came after the play for anyone noticing. It wasn’t the play itself that was the focus. It was the aftermath. That’s where it all occurs. That is the criteria. We can only laugh and say “wow” when this stuff goes down.

The Scottie Pippen versus Patrick Ewing exchange will always be the most disrespectful thing that I have ever witnessed in an NBA game followed by Rafer Alston’s “slap to the back of the head heard around the world” to Eddie House. The Allen Iverson 2001 NBA Finals step over against Tyronn Lue was nice, but it wasn’t as interesting compared to the other two.

Why did the 1994 Pippen/Ewing thing stands out so much? Scottie stood over him showing that he can suck on it. He stood over another man after he just violated him. Ewing’s crew didn’t even do anything because a fight did not break out. I cannot believe Pip got away with it unscathed. Then he told Spike Lee to sit down. He took Ewing’s soul that night. Wow. Unbelievable.

What drives men to do it? Power. Control. Ego. Attention.

It also makes compelling entertainment. It is pathetic that today’s NBA no longer allows this type of street ball attitude bravado. The referees will toss the players involved. The Brawl at the Palace ruined everything. The NBA didn’t do this during the golden era during the 1980s through 1990s. It is pathetic. The NFL today does not allow this either. What happened?

The new generation of fans today is watching a neutered version of the sport. They’ll never know how it was like. Fans back then got to watch the theatrical release while the fans today are watching the edited for television version. With that said, here are more disrespectful moments in NBA history.

Jason Richardson versus Carlos Boozer “Off da Heezy”

The Set Up: 2003 NBA Rookie game. And 1 was still popular. NBA Street Vol. 2 was the shiznit. That’s probably where J-Rich got the inspiration; from a freakin’ videogame. 

The Disrespect: Jason Richardson did some crossover set ups then bounced the basketball off of Carlos Boozer’s head. J-Rich finished that off with a 3 pointer right between the eyes.

The Afterthought: This caused another deep groove on Boozer’s head.

Ron Artest versus Trevor Ariza’s shoe

The Set Up: Just another regular season game between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers.

The Disrespect: They were fighting for a loose ball and somehow Ariza’s shoe is the one that they’re fighting over. Ron Artest took care of that by throwing it out of bounds instead of just kicking it away.

The Afterthought: Trevor Ariza wasn’t about that life.

Shawn Kemp versus Alton Lister “Lister Blister”

The Set Up: 1992 First Round Playoffs. Sonics versus Warriors. This was considered Kemp’s passage into super stardom.

The Disrespect: After Kemp’s infamous dunk on Alton Lister, Lister fell and Kemp pointed at him with swag. The Rain Man just didn’t give a damn. He was like “Yep. I just took a dump on you. You’re not going to do anything. Hold dat!” Yep. Lister could not do anything, but take the stylish pointing like a man. Alton had to pour some salt on that blister.

The Afterthought: The pointing was God-like. To add more insult to injury, Kemp added another memorable tomahawk in the same game. He became a superstar. I wonder what Chris Mullin was thinking.

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